Student obligasi Schoolgirls with acid, got 5 years in prison

the Court in the Stavropol region was sentenced to five years in prison College student Shamil Chaparov, who had girls doused with acid.

All attacks were committed in the summer of 2017 in Budyonnovsk. A passing teenage girl cyclist splashed her face with acid. The victim with burns were hospitalized. Three days later, history repeated itself, was doused with two girls — 15 and 16 years.

the Police checked almost a thousand previously convicted and released from prison before to detain the accused. Were taken DNA samples from more than two thousand people.

to Detain the offender was only in September 2018. He was a med student, a resident of Budennovsk. During interrogation the young man stated that sprayed acid on girls “for the purpose of venting his anger accumulated anger and aggression.”

At trial, the guilt, the student did not recognize. However, his guilt was fully confirmed by the testimony of victims and witnesses. The verdict has not yet entered into force, reports “Interfax”.