Students forced to pass the session to cyberprocessing

Summer session 2020-year students take on-line. Are protected also in the virtual space. And examiners, otchitalsya course, remotely figure out what classes they realized, remembered. And what is left out of sight, slip out of, and why (or not the only reason) in turn went to the crib.

But how do you test if the examiner sits at home in front of the computer, and the examinee in?

At the end of last week, the journalist, literary critic lecturer, School of design, HSE Anna Narinsky wrote in his Facebook: “Become a witness!!! performance requirements students respond with eyes closed during the exam for Zuma. (This is a precaution that the student does not put a screen with answers to the chat window and read with him).”

it Remained to find out how often this happens. But at the same time to know what the pros and cons of a virtual education format and how do you assess the prospect of the transition to on-line training on both sides.

the student of the philological faculty of Moscow state University told that all the exams and tests she had passed, opening her eyes. Such a requirement was not, but on one competition have had to answer without any preparation: just give the answers to teacher questions. The rest of the session was relatively calm. Some teachers are “handing out” tickets in advance. And during the exam told which questions belong to which room and given time to prepare.

once you encounter difficulties, but rather what is called a personal nature. When writing, it was necessary to download a certain program, but the computer program did not support. The examiner got into position and, as an exception, allowed to reply in another format.

the Possibility of moving to online education this STUdentco rather upsetting. It defeats the purpose of learning in General and in specific universities in particular. An irreparable loss, if an adequate education, which gives Moscow state University, will eventually replace the “coaching self”.

And this student admitted that’ve never been so tired as this semester: “I barely slept, so I had to do. It is very exhausting”.

In the last part of her ready to argue the student of the Higher school of Economics, which were defended this year: “it was easier for Me. I really long to get to the University, have to get up early. Until you go — the excitement is growing, and even transferred from other students. At home I can concentrate better”. Protection via videoconference any difficulties not caused, because everything was prepared in advance to the events.

it was more difficult to participate in the learning process: “Students often don’t include videos (Zoom provides the possibility of an impersonal presence in the conference). This is a good way to sit, not to ask questions, and the speakers do not see particularly hard”.

As a student from MSU, she didn’t pass the exams with his eyes closed. But her friend, who went to study on exchange in Los Angeles, took the exam HSE format technology proctoring specially designed for the remote education system. The proctors watch to the examinee performed the tasks independently and did not use additional material that is not used Cribs. The program controls the desktop of the test, the number of persons in the frame, extraneous noises, voices, which allows the instructor to understand, there were violations or not. Examiners HSE applies cyberprocessing, controlling even the motions of the eye. Therefore, one of the conditions for passing the examfor — not to look away from the teacher to the monitor.

the Prospect of virtual education, she also has not received a favourable response. With one of the parties, it would not be something fundamentally new. For some time now the HSE has been practicing distant, so courses are “read” by University professors from different countries. But sense to translate all the classes in distance no, because it will transform training in mechanical education.

at the same time with students for the sake of completeness has been questioned by the professors of various areas: technical, theological, philological.

“of course, I can’t speak for all teachers, but none of those I know that did not occur”, — said the first. He also said that during exams was only technical problems connected with organization communication. “But to pass the exam with closed eyes is a game and the humiliation of students. And a complete lack of professionalism of the teacher. Moreover, my students were allowed to use anything on the exam. No they are not humiliated, not me. But then you talk to them without papers and build a dialogue so that all the same clearly, he understands what he says or not.”

In a theological University to such drastic measures as the exam with closed eyes did not dare. Although some faculty have suggested this “innovation”, and some even tried to implement the idea of proctoring.

the Most detailed answers associate Professor of philological faculty of Moscow state University Anna Arkhangelskaya

– Anna, you said that the teachers were less willing to tests and exams distance than training. What does this mean and can it will compensate over time?

– As it seems to meXia, translation classes online because of his sudden spontaneity – went to a very curious way. First, a substantial part of the teachers tried to go through the primary contact via written work. But almost immediately it appeared that for review papers the whole group (without the opportunity to discuss this work at the workshop, and then – with the need to tell every student in the margins of his work almost the entire workshop) takes much more time than a regular class. And a very significant part of teachers found my password from skype , paid for zoom, registered in moodle. And then the people began to engage in basically the same way as before: sometimes happily discovering that the attendance overall has improved and the screen sharing gives students a much greater impression than the blurry picture on the wall of the audience is not very visible already from the fifth, and especially from the 15th row, sometimes the sadness of that video stream pretty intense overheating old laptop. And then came the session. Was the students who decided to take the exam on your home computer means that you can always spy on what you need, so you can prepare at least half-heartedly. Was the teachers who decided that we should at all costs not to give the student anything to see. Despite the fact that, for me, the question of cheating or just taking decided correctly set the source and clarifying additional questions. And when I read that somewhere demanded that the student was shown the room, hands, Desk, and somewhere – would be consistent with closed eyes, I always think: how is it so that educational cooperation in the semester suddenly turns into unproductive conflict in the session? But in fact it’s very much comes from the fact that the teacher is in a situation when you clearly can’t control at least part of the process. And for many – it is for teachers — a psychologicaland quite painful situation. I just already had, taking the remote exams in Sevastopol, I have immunity.

I have repeatedly read complaints of the teachers at the old, outdated equipment, not adapted to the format of the lectures and conferences. Meanwhile, no one thinks about what gadgets you can afford students. I see in these moans of excessive theatricality. Or am I mistaken?

And we have teachers over the same moans criticized the theatricality of students . I have to admit, in that ill-fated March on Monday, which was declared the order on the remote control, I sat at an emergency meeting on this occasion, hear about webinars, online platform, virtual room and sadly thought: “Oh my God, we’ve not afford!” And when already on Tuesday, some teachers gave lectures in zoom or skype, and by Friday almost gone is not established between the teachers and students of electronic communication, I realized that we will survive this challenge. That is, people – is completely unprepared for all this people – have been able so quickly to rebuild. But yeah, except for the human factor is technical: many had to quickly upgrade their equipment (alas, at his own expense: at us such will not guide you through the purchase, in principle, much more quickly). On the other – the student – side is also not without problems: someone went to a remote village where the day turned off the electricity, someone can get online only from your phone. I had a girl who passed the exam out of the car: he says at home there is no way. In fact, you have to understand that in this case all the victims: students and teachers suddenly found themselves in a situation when they need to transform their room into a study with normal communication, clear picture, quality sound. Each of them, in fact, alone with itth a necessity. And everyone somehow, without the right to impossibility. And if this semester at least something else can be attributed to the suddenness and unpreparedness, in the case of the continuation of distance education in the autumn of of these problems – on both sides – in my opinion, even worse.

– How are you (teacher) feel about the proposal (idea) to translate learning in the network?

– I – negative. Mainly because I believe that an extremely important component of any educational process is, if anything, energy. Now, it seems, when lecturing, but who cares? All the same, only the screen. But no, when you are not constantly watching you through the eyes of the audience, and the black screen/pictures or even videoleike students, intellectual communication at least partly occurs but energy is not. She’s on the other channels is transmitted. Education is a team effort, when you need to feel someone close. The screen still splits each of us and others, and the formation of harmful such boundaries. Well, I think students and teachers should meet not only lectures, but also to walk the same hallways, lunch in the dining room of one – to live in that part of life which is University. Then will be the formation of something that fundamentally is not the provision of educational services.

All who have ever been students know that the desire and ability to cancel, get a crib, mistakes can always. An adult, with the life and teaching wisdom’s well aware of it. And even better understand how to detect lazy and negligent dropout without offending of adults humiliating procedures instead of checking the knowledge.