Students will learn to control aggression and to recognize other people's emotions

the Ministry of education to develop programs which will help to develop socio-emotional skills of students. At present, the regions of the country are challenged to increase the number of psychologists in educational institutions, but also their qualification.

As RIA Novosti reported, citing the press service of the Ministry, a relevant program developed by the Ministry jointly with relevant organizations. The document and its implementation will help to educate emotionally Mature individuals. During the program children learn to control your negative emotions and recognize the emotions of others. This will help adolescents improve social skills.

the Ministry said that to reduce bullying specialists of the Ministry collaborate with leaders of educational organizations. Discusses the necessity of identifying solutions and open problems, possible resolution of conflicts between adolescents on the basis of psycho-pedagogical approach, taking into account the value of friendship, mutual assistance, support, culture solutions of various incidents without aggression.

the Department explained that it is important not only to recognize a child with behavioral problems, but also to provide him with expert help, to explain to teachers and parents how to behave in situations where the child’s behavior gets out of control.