To my quarters for the night wind, weather, and spiders to make sure I cut with the folding knife three slots in the architectural plans – and with the last cut in my left index finger. I have neither patch nor Association, but to go back to the group is not an Option.

Everyone should come for a day and a night without the other is clear. And so I’m standing there Alone in the Norwegian Wilderness, with a bleeding Finger, and the dark evening hours in front of me. It is one of the most difficult moments during the week-long Uni trip to Norway, which is rather unusual.

“free air life, to experience sustainability during a hike in the Wilderness, of course”, means the option in movement science, for which I have one of the 20 seats won. The experiences in Scandinavia, to help me in everyday life more sustainable, and the Highlight of my this year’s vacations.

author Lorina Ostheim: the sustainability of the Wilderness experience.

What to me is, is already in the idea of hard: Not only eight days, “Digital Detox” without a mobile phone or Smartphone, but also eight days without a shower, no proper toilet, no stove and no bed. I will be traveling with 20 people I don’t know much yet. If this goes well?

After we have brought ferry, Bus, canoes and our feet to an open-air Park in the South of Norway, we prepared for the first Solo day of every 24 hours alone in the Wilderness spends. Here, we look for beautiful places to explore and observe our environment, or to run around aimlessly – “aimless walking”.

Then we can share our experiences with the group – be it in conversations or in poems, or letters that we have written, for example, from the point of view of the earth to us. We tell it like it is to us, what moves us, what we’re thankful for, or devote ourselves to such questions as: Where sustainability is reflected in my features and in my behavior?

The seminar description has already been alluded to: “On a vision, we will be open to us, in order to find sustainability in the us and to carry you further into the world of search in nature. The Norwegian idea of ‘Friluftsliv’ is applied here. Please be prepared to reflect your own Psyche and to share your reflections with others.”

In the open-air Park: open wooden huts, and fire pit in the forest

We should keep no small talk – which means, for us, as students, for example: do not over-study talk. In fact, this requirement makes our communication more open. And I realize that it is to me surprisingly easy to talk about my views and feelings and define my, compared To only about, what drives him or her, busy, or pulls down.

How a sustainable life is connected to our excursion into the freedom, with rules, which I sometimes find restrictive. On the second evening we are to silence after dinner until the next Morning after Breakfast, but after that is not me in the Moment. I would like to get to know the group better, to focus instead on myself and go with two fellow travelers on a lookout point, where we have our speech to satisfy a need.

during the day, we are expanding in the forest of our sensual perception through the eyes of an Owl – “owl eyes” and Rehohren – “deer ears”: We use our 180 degree vision and see as much as we can focus from our environment without the need for any. And by keeping the hands curved in front of or behind the ears, we focus on a certain focus direction. Like foxes, we go in the “fox walk” barefoot through the forest, where we stretch the feet up and then gently with the ball of the foot first.

lake in the open-air Park

in the Morning we eat porridge and in the evening there is finally a warm meal, which we cook over the camp fire. The water for the big pots we get from the lake or river. Our meals are simple and easy to prepare: noodle and rice dishes. Proteins are, unfortunately, only once on the Plan: the soy curry on the last night.

Sanitation. In the open-air Park, only an outhouse in the Wilderness of course, nothing. Anyone who needs to perform a business, takes a shovel into the bushes to bury it. During the trip, I don’t swim in the cool lake, otherwise I wash my hair. Later, the Barber praises the good care.


At a Meditation in the forest and in the teepee, we hear a narration of chief Seattle, who sees the people only as a thread in the “web of life”: “whatever he does to the web he does to himself.” According to such narratives, and a few days in nature, I’m not actually sure What I of nature to do this to, I do also to myself.

“nature-based movement and life style” is one of the main research areas of our field trip Director Bijan Ghaffari, research assistant at the Institute for movement science, University of Hamburg. What is the idea behind this open-air life? To live “In nature, or literally translated as ‘free air life’ is the basic meaning of Friluftsliv – and that includes, in principle, everything that is making this necessary: Hiking, tents, fire,” explains Bijan Ghaffari.

“Our Seminar is expanded to include aspects of silence and self-reflection, which is not otherwise a part of,” he says, because: “In our nature estranged environment, we forget our direct and mutual dependence on our environment.” The peace and beauty of nature, or the fascination of the contact or the observation of other living beings, would have positive effects on our mental health and our sense of closeness to nature, or more precisely our Knowledge of nature.

Uphill and down we wander in the Wilderness, part far away from the Trails. My clothes are drenched, after I two, three times, stumbled. Now I need my rest, would have liked to have time for me. But our sleep must be built, and I’ll help out.

the Last Morning in the Wilderness

The first days in the open-air Park we have in wooden huts, slept in the open side. At night, we were able to pull just the curtains to protect us from the Wind and rain. In the Wilderness, we sleep in a Tipi and three Tarps. The latter are made of a tent fabric, the roof-like over three tent poles is stretched and Bauplanen, which we use as documentation, and partly also as a weather protection on the sides. The ground here is much softer than the wooden floor in the open-air Park – the Grass is almost cozy.

As I hurt me then on the “Solotag” the Finger of silence I the bleeding with my Holy toilet paper and the seal of this Association with a fruit gum packaging. The rest of the day I spend in a natural river with a view of the valley.

a Few days later I’m standing in the night at half past three just arrived in my room and think: Everything is so full. I feel concentrated. It takes, until I arrive back in everyday life, and the journey accompanied me in thoughts and discussions.

showed Me the excursion, that sustainability means, to be happy: The nature to be happy. I, myself, other people and beings want to be happy. Therefore, we should more often ask: “How do you feel right now?”

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