Subtle and insidious: a biologist called hidden symptoms COVID-19

Doctor of biological Sciences, Professor, American University, George Mason Ancha Baranova told about the hidden symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19. So, the so-called asymptomatic carriers often kidney function deteriorates and reduces lung capacity.

asymptomatic mostly hurts the youth, and under the attention of doctors, such cases do not fall, said the biologist. It happens that a young man comes to the hospital for another reason. For example, he wanted to check the pancreas, he did a CT revealed a lung lesion.

the fact that the lungs are affected, it is possible to learn and without a CT scan: it is enough to control their size using solid geometry, said Baranov. If it is reduced, should be tested for coronavirus, reports RIA Novosti. However, this test is useful if we know the normal lung capacity of the patient.

the Biologist advised the people who received a positive test COVID-19, to check the lungs on the CT scan — even if the disease proceeds without symptoms. You should also take a test of blood by glomerular filtration, as the coronavirus causes a decrease of renal function.

in addition, asymptomatic COVID-19 in pregnant women affects the placenta. This was after the birth when the placenta suffered from asymptomatic disease women were taken for analysis. Pregnant women don’t need to check the bodies on the symptoms COVID-19, said the biologist. She notes that it’s safer not to increase the number of contacts.