Suburban towns covered by the cloud of exhaust

In a weekend of traffic jams in Moscow is traditionally moved out of the city. In order to avoid congestion on the highway, motorists navigate new routes — directly through the silent streets of cities and country settlements. Residents who suffocated from exhaust gases, announced drivers a real war.

– Here we have a thread going with such loud music!

District Nikolo-Arkhangelsk in Sochi has become a real side of the highway. Hundreds of cars every hour pass by the Windows of houses, scattering pedestrians.

– conditions for the residents, and for these comrades!

This cynical way the drivers go around the traffic jams on the Gorky and nosovihinskoe highway.

“this is our street — fifth of the technical categories, designed to travel to and from homes and pedestrians. Accordingly, it has a standard 250 vehicles per day. And here we have two hundred cars passes in 10 minutes!” — outraged by the Chairman of the public Council of the territorial district Nikolo-Arkhangelsk city district Balashikha Ilya Porvin.

Besides cars here constantly carried by heavy trucks, and in the spring the route chosen by the taxi and Shuttle buses.

– why are You here go?
– Bus is.
What bus? Why are you here go? It is the private sector! On what basis do you ride here, my friends?

the Exhaust so much that people are literally suffocating in their homes. They have long sought to set the sign “Residential zone”, but to no avail.

– it is Impossible to go outside, it is impossible to walk to the store, to the bus, constantly have to shy away from these machines!

However, even the sign does not guarantee that traffic will stop. In the nearby Gagarin it was installed, and the drivers just ignore it.

the Owners do not comply with the requirements of signs and generally ignore completely. Keep not also and speed.
– It is illegal! Illegally they go!

In the local administrationand I assure you that has already signed a contract with a specialized company, which will develop a new traffic pattern. However, there will be a “bright future”, probably not soon.

“we are losing the Contractor Executive documentation, we contend,” — said the Deputy head of the Department of transport, roads and communications of administration of city district Balashikha Eugene Bekasov.

And how many years you plan to introduce?
– Well, I guess we have all summer to end quickly!
– next? Very quickly!

the Village tango under Koroleva: weekend a huge traffic jam built up since afternoon. The most arrogant drivers use the same method — go around the main stream through the village road. The local residents are protected as they can.

This makeshift barrier set clearly illegal. It is closed to the regular castle. The locals made it to here couldn’t drive someone else’s car. Even the emergency services are forced to make a big detour to get to the village. And travel here can only own.

one of the drivers dived into a small passage, hoping to save some time, but after a couple of hundred metres came across a barrier. Second attempt — via next street, and again to no avail. After the third unsuccessful attempt, the car still returns to the General flow and costs in traffic along with everyone.

“We live in the village, and not in Moscow to breathe the fresh air and to live in silence, and there is transit traffic of trucks. We have to build barriers, breaking the law. In my opinion, this is wrong,” — says a resident of the village zagoryanskiy, Vladimir Kopylov.

According to experts, this “time bomb” was laid in the 30-ies of the last century in many towns of the Moscow region. No one imagined that the garden will go so many cars.

“Quite spontaneously was built, did not look at the plans — that is, the roads were not designed for thatcoy traffic. Of course, we are now dealing with the consequences of this anarchy,” says the Chairman of the Moscow Union of gardeners Andrey Tumanov.

to Solve this problem only by road signs obviously will not work. It’s the time when summer jams will have to fight as thoroughly as with the traffic jams in Central Moscow.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”