Sometimes fraught with quarrels, the establishment of an inheritance can lead to tensions within a family between children and spouses. If the law provides for several rules to respect, you also have the possibility of taking specific steps so that this period passes with relative peace of mind. For example, you are allowed to act on the inheritance received by your descendants. Here are 7 steps to take during your lifetime.

While many French people prefer not to consider the prospect of their death in advance, others choose to confront it as soon as possible. If you wish, it is, in fact, authorized to act on your estate, but also on the inheritance that will be received by your children, your spouses or your close family. To do this, it is necessary to take certain steps, which will avoid family disputes and allow you to see your own wishes carried out.

In order to carry out your inheritance successfully, you have the capacity to draw up your will. For your last wishes to be legally enforceable, you must write it down in full in your own hand, without forgetting to date and sign it. It is essential to express your wishes clearly and simply. Don’t forget to give the document to a notary so that he or she can register it in the Central File of Last Wills and Testaments. To help you, here are the 7 steps you can take during your lifetime.