Such in Russia yet did: launched supertrawler

In St. Petersburg on June 23 launched supertrawler “Mechanic Maslak”. Only one day he is able to produce 250 tons of frozen fish products. For the fleet is a unique experience.

blessing of the vessel by the priest and the bottle of champagne on Board.

So in compliance with all Maritime traditions on the “Admiralty shipyards” revive traditions of the fishing fleet of the country — the second supertrawler series ST-192 for the Russian fishing company changes the element.

“the Mechanic Maslak” unique to our Navy ship. Huge — more than a hundred meters long, almost 14 thousand tons displacement and 140 man crew of such vessels in Russia yet did not.

“the Mechanic Maslak” is striking not only for its size, dimensions but also performance. Every day this supertrawler capable of producing 250 tons of frozen fish products. The total size of daily produced products equal to the five-storey house.

“Any fish that gets on the ship, will be recycled in 100%. Anything back into the sea misses. No waste. There is a powerful flour factory. On Board 7 lines for fish processing. Imagine a minute, produced 2000 pieces of fillet. Split. In a minute or 2 thousand”, — stressed Deputy General Director for construction of the fleet of LLC “Russian fishery company” Dmitry Sapov.

Update the Russian fishing fleet needed a long time, the situation in the domestic market there was a critical.

“After the parade of the Soviet Union our fishermen has updated its fleet through the purchase of secondhand vessels abroad. Over the past 30 years the Russian fishermen have become completely dependent on foreign suppliers. The average age of the fleet has grown to 30 years. The wear rate was over 90%”, — said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of LLC “Russian fishery company” Gleb Frank.

Today, things are changing. The creation of new, modernabilities and reliable trawlers started in the framework of the state program of investment quotas. Russian shipyards for the first time in decades, received large-scale orders for the construction of fishing vessels.

“the Fleet was really outdated now due to the fact that new ships are introduced, we will be able to upgrade the fleet by almost 50%,” agrees the Deputy Minister of agriculture of Russia, head of the Federal Agency for fishery Ilya Shestakov.

the launch followed closely in Vladivostok. It was there waiting for the trawlers, which operate in the most challenging weather conditions.

“the Trawler we plan to launch in 2021. To work traditionally, it will be in the fishing in Okhotsk, and White seas. In fact, where our whole fleet up and running” — says General Director of LLC “Russian fishery company” Victor Litvinenko.

Until the two launched ships of the series of ST-192 is ready to be sent to Vladivostok to “Admiralteisky shipyards” in St. Petersburg are already preparing to bookmark two similar supertraulera. Only here it is planned to launch 10 such ships, which eventually will make the fish on every Russian table, tastier and cheaper.