Sukhoi Superjet before takeoff I slid to the ground in Sheremetyevo

In the capital’s Sheremetyevo airport Sukhoi Superjet 100 was rolled out on the ground in preparation for the flight to Samara, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the air Harbor. Forced to disembark passengers “Aeroflot” took stuck the liner on the video.

the Incident occurred early on the morning of 27 December, when the aircraft was within the platform. On its Board there were 74 persons, anybody from them has not suffered.

according to the staff, passengers left to Board the ladder, and then they were taken to the terminal building. In Samara, they flew on another plane at 09:05.

“Rolling out beyond the runway was not. The event was within the platform. It’s not the runway. When taxiing the aircraft rolling out on the ground,” — said in the air port.

That was the cause of the incident is to be installed professionals. But, according to records in the morning at the airport was strong ice.