Supporting families, IT and the self-employed: government will allocate more than 270 billion rubles

the Government will allocate more than 270 billion rubles on the new payment for children under 16 years of age. And this is just one of the measures sotspodderzhki, which President Vladimir Putin announced in his address to the Russians. Initiatives related to the economy, and business, and the tax sphere.

Anastasia Smirnova four children — two daughters and two sons. The oldest was 11. During the epidemic Anastasia has received from the state for children 45 thousand. “June 1, at nine in the morning I went, and voila, the money is already in account”, — says Anastasia. Jr. bought the bike, the older gadgets. Another 40 million will come in July. Tangible support in a difficult period.

In April, may and June, the Russian families received 5 thousand for each child under the age of 3 years. Families where one or both parents lost their jobs, another monthly payment of three thousand roubles on each minor child. This measure extended to August inclusive. But the largest measure of support was a lump sum payment in June of 10 thousand rubles for each child from three to 16 years. Putin ordered in July, the payment to repeat. Moreover, automatically. To apply the second time is not necessary.

“Those citizens who have not filed for benefits, you will be able to apply for payment until 1 October, and to new payment that we begin to pay in July,” — said the Minister of labour and social protection Anton Kotkov.

“For these purposes from the Reserve Fund the government will allocate more than 270 billion rubles. Also, the government will allocate additional funds for incentive payments to doctors, average and younger medical personnel, ambulance drivers, which are in close contact with patients with coronavirus. For this purpose in June, provided more than 20 billion rubles. Also will be signed the decree on the renewal of such payments for July and August,” — said the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

the 8-month Ada — heavy and very rare diagnosis. Spinal-muscular atrophy. Parents were able to collect 60 million rubles, 90. “Six vials for the first year of life. 1 USD is worth 8 million rubles, and it should be the end of life,” says mother Maya Keshishian.

Putin suggested that from 1 January next year to change the tax rate on incomes of physical persons from 13 to 15 percent for those earning more than five million rubles a year. The increased rate will not be taxed on all income but only the portion that exceeds 5 million a year. This will give the budget about 60 billion rubles.

the money will be “painted”, i.e. can only be used for the treatment of children with severe, rare diseases, purchase of expensive medicines, equipment and means of rehabilitation, to conduct high-tech operations.

“It’s a moderate increase, it is quite possible, especially if the money goes to the treatment of children. But it is important to continue this tax has not changed,” — said the head of the chamber Alexei Kudrin.

Spring has earned the program of preferential mortgage: new housing at a rate of 6.5 percent. The President has proposed a program to extend: to extend this rate for apartments cost not to three, like before, and up to six million rubles. And in the largest Metropolitan areas — Moscow and St. Petersburg, where apartment prices are higher — up to $ 12 million.

“family mortgages, the far Eastern mortgage and SEL mortgage, where it will remain. With regard to the programme of 6.5%, this anti-crisis measure expires on 1 November,” — said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev.

during the epidemic we all felt like we needed every day new technology. To work, learn and communicate online. The Russian IT sector is a huge potential. To support, the President proposes to make tax maneuver.

Now the rate of insurance contributions for IT companies is 14 PRAcento until 2023. Putin offered to reduce it to 7.6 percent. Moreover, in perpetuity. Can also be reduced, and the rate of the profit tax from the current 20 percent to 3. More than six times! And it will be one of the lowest tax rates in the world. “IT is a new and rapidly growing market that will attract new and foreign investors”, — said Alexei Marukhin, President of JSC “SITRONICS”.

Wladyslaw górski from Tyumen village your future business found literally underfoot. “Here are my pruners, trimmers to cut grass, he says. Orders got too many and not enough hands. And then I began to pull the boys 16-17 years, and together we started to do it.” The first order is to mow 20 acres and 10 acres. Techniques, gathered the team. But to enter into a formal contract with 16-year-old is officially impossible. From 1 July across the country will earn the tax regime for the self-employed. The President’s initiative to give this status not 18, and 16 years. Plus the benefit — tax capital in the amount of 1 minimum wage — the development of the business.

“we All were suffering. But from the beginning of the epidemic, we made the choice, decided that the first plan should be the man, his life, health, well-being, what matters is to save people, and everything else will follow. I am confident that together we will solve all the problems, everything will catch up, overcome and time and any other difficulties. We have already proved that they know how to do it,” — said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.