The surfing world mourns the loss of Mikala Jones. As has now become known, the native Hawaiian died last weekend at sea off the Indonesian Mentawai Islands. Jones was 44 years old. According to local media reports, he died in an accident. The fin of his surfboard drilled into his leg and severed the femoral artery.

Family and companions publicly announced their grief. His daughter Isabell, one of three children, writes on Instagram: “I wish this had never happened and we could go surfing together tomorrow. I don’t know how to put it into words… Life will never be the same without you.”

Brian Bielmann, a photographer friend, wrote: “Our friend died yesterday in the Mentawais surfing the waves he loved.” California shoemaker Reef, for which Jones worked as an ambassador, called him one of the “best trained surfers in the world”.

By the early 2000s, Jones had relocated to Bali and competed in professional competitions around the world, including the US Open. But he became known for his documentary work. Jones made his name with unique photos and videos captured with an action camera while riding breaking waves. He entertained almost 50,000 followers on Instagram with this content, and various surfing magazines also reported on his work.

Jones was also out on the water at the weekend when the tragic accident occurred. Jones was taken to a clinic immediately after the accident, but any rescue came too late.