Max Kruse has not played for VfL Wolfsburg for a long time. And yet it continues to provide a great deal of conversation and discussion. Especially on Bundesliga match days: sometimes the former international has a provocative late breakfast in Berlin, sometimes he goes to an erotic fair.

Latest episode: The 34-year-old, who has a YouTube show with his wife Dilara, is at the center of a dispute with his teammate Maximilian Arnold this Saturday afternoon before the Wolfsburg game at 1. FSV Mainz 05 – because of a podcast.

Kruse has been suspended from Lower Saxony for almost two months after coach Niko Kovac publicly accused him of a lack of commitment. The offensive professional will continue to be paid by the club. Kruse had already upset Kovac in August when he spoke about his workload on Twitch. Kruse said: “My daily working hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m..”

But not every Wolfsburg professional works as short as Kruse. In the kicker podcast “FE:male view on football” Maximilian Arnold explained his daily football routine – and couldn’t or didn’t want to resist a dig at Kruse.

Arnold: “I really like going to work. Unlike Max Kruse, I’m not just here for three and a half hours, but a little longer, I like to do something for myself and my body.”

Obviously too much for Kruse. He has now spoken out on Instagram. And fired back at Arnold.

Kruse: “I kept my mouth shut for a long time, haven’t said anything for five weeks, but apparently I’m just omnipresent in some heads.”

And further: “Actually only one, I don’t know why, has to keep talking about me, keeps citing me as an example, although nobody asks him. Says I train for three and a half hours and he’s there longer, watch his body.”

A clear nod to Arnold. At the end of his Instagram statement, Kruse then said to his 385,000 followers: “We know what it is. Namely: those who have less talent just have to train more.”

It is not surprising that Arnold and Kruse of all people got together. Arnold was annoyed by the ongoing discussion about Kruse and said after the 2-0 loss at Union Berlin last September: “Everyone knows about the qualities of Max Kruse. Everyone also knows about the non-existent qualities of a Max Kruse.”

At VfL, Kruse should at least be back on the training ground soon. He is currently missing due to a serious muscle injury.