Suzdal requests permission to access pensions and hotels

the Power of Suzdal, asking for permission to open hotels for tourists. In the appeal to the head of the region the operators of the tourist industry offered to allow from 1 June, the opening of boarding houses and holiday homes for booking and settlement.

in addition, informs GTRK “Vladimir”, Suzdal requests to allow the operation of food service establishments. The fact that the main population of the city works in the tourism industry. For the period of enforced quarantine most actually remained without means of subsistence. This, in particular, leads to social tensions.

According oberstab for the dissemination of coronavirus infections in Suzdal during the pandemic revealed only five cases of infection. With suspected coronavirus in isolation remain 25 people.

Note, the work of the organizations of the tourism industry were suspended at the end of March to reduce the growth of infection COVID-19 and stabilize epigastrica.

Text: GTRK “Vladimir”