Swedish journalists openly scoff at the irresponsibility of their government

June 19, Vladimir Putin signed a decree establishing the order of Pirogov and medals Luke of Crimea. This is a new state award, specifically for doctors, nurses and other medical staff, volunteers, philanthropists, scientists and drug manufacturers.

For material support of health professionals working with coronavirus, Putin proposed to save the Federal and regional allowance for another two months, and in the calculation of holiday pay should take into account additional payments.

it is Clear that now we can afford to look back with satisfaction. Measures worked. Overall efforts were not in vain. Defense strategy and actions for anticipation was correct, you can not say about other countries, which also sum up their results.

Take the Swedish experiment, followed with great interest, without exaggeration, the entire planet, and someone we put Sweden as an example. So the Swedes from the beginning of the limitation is considered superfluous, even schools and restaurants closed, and have relied on the development of collective immunity. They say, think, parabolee — will be healthier, and the economy will suffer. The Swedish experiment a result, ended in shameful failure.

the population of Sweden is 14 times less than in Russia. But if you count on a million people, dead from coronavirus in Sweden — 505, and in Russia almost ten times less than 55. If, in absolute terms, in the vast Russia died a little more than 8 thousand people, and in Sweden — comparable — more than 5 thousand.

officials of Sweden chanting something unintelligible: overlooked, not taking everything into account, we had homes for the elderly to pay more attention to. But, as they say, the score on the Board. And now the Swedes no herd immunity or previous trust with the neighbors. In Norway, recently declared that its borders open, but not for the Swedes so there is the epidemiological situation is complicated.

Well, Swedish journalists have simply scoff at the irresponsibility of itshis government. Here’s how sarcastically describes the position of Ula Tomasson of the largest daily newspaper in the country Dagens Nyheter: “We Swedes, more humility realize that we are the best in the world in everything. Let the situation did not reflect our superiority right now, you just need to wait. Neighbouring countries will tense up and catch us on the deaths. We are simply ahead of everyone. Scandinavian neighbors will be jealous when Sweden will soon become 40-60% infected. The measures taken in the rest of Scandinavia, hysterical and excessive. We Swedes, think perceptively, scientifically and rationally. Our seven times higher mortality says nothing. We, the Swedes, the best of all — it’s just a fact. So all the neighboring countries and other less developed countries that do not want to let us in the summer, they’re just jealous!” Well, the Swedes that even in such circumstances, the feeling of self-irony.

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