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Swedish social services had seized from the Russians daughter for being too caring about it

Swedish social services had seized from the Russians daughter for being too caring about it

the Russian Embassy in Sweden explains the basis on which the local social workers took away from living in the country, the Russians year-old daughter after he learned that my mother showed her Russian doctor. While Swedish doctors have repeatedly refused to examine and treat a girl. Why child was forcibly transferred to a foster family? Is there a chance for the parents to get her daughter back?

a gift Bag daughter Elena assembles quickly. Harder to get up the nerve. One-year-old Lisa’s mother had not seen for almost three weeks. From a family of Russian immigrants of the child seized by Swedish social services.

“Held two writing meetings. There they all decided for us. Of course, the court sided with the social services” — shared Elena shishina.

a Claim to the family emerged after Lisa was brought to Russia for treatment. The girl’s digestive problems. Swedish doctors believed that the baby will grow. Pediatricians from Cherepovets, where Elena, a native, was able to establish a diagnosis of Allergy to cow’s milk, as well as prescribe treatment.

the Family returned to Stockholm, but the Swedish distrust of medicine alerted social services — worried, not too anxious mother.

“the Legislation of the Scandinavian countries, the law on the protection of children, a lot refers to the concept of anxiety. If we ask, what is the reason removal of the child, reason the objective is not — the law is sufficient to refer to the concern,” commented the human rights activist, associate Professor of Helsinki University Johan Bekman.

Now, Lisa lives in a foster home. Native parents to visit the girl today allowed for the first time. Dad keeps baby with hands and with alarm notices — for the child in a foster family, it seems, bad the next.

published footage shows: when a child taken by the social workers, attached to their parents, the baby’s crying. Then through the interpreter the parents finally explain toUte the cause of the seizures: the government does not agree with the appointed Russian doctors diet so the child is left in foster care. This logic of course, my parents don’t understand. They do not hide their fear for the child.

“Only that we met Lisa and did not know the child is listless, dirty, barely even goes”, — told the girl’s mother.

Liza Back home is now possible only through court. Legal aid promises to the Russian Consulate. This is not the first scandal around Russian children in Sweden. Denis Lisova three daughters took when the wife was in the hospital. Like, can’t do it alone. Father in the end, the kids stole and fled to his native Khabarovsk. One hopes that the return of Lisa in a family will be faster and easier.