Swelling of the eyelids: what's the body

the TV channel “Russia 1” ophthalmologist Dmitry Dementiev told about what diseases can we “report” swollen eyelids.

the doctor explained that the swelling can occur in healthy people. This happens when the wrong diet (if you eat a lot of salt, especially at night), and also when fasting, insufficient diet.

in addition, swelling often occur with visual fatigue, including prolonged work at the computer.

They can also be a signal of hormonal disorders, in particular, be formed in women during menopause

Another possible cause of swelling is stress.

For those who have they are not a sign of serious diseases, the situation is easy to fix with proper nutrition, drinking water and an 8-hour sleep.

However, if the swelling do not go more than a day, it is a reason to be suspicious and seek medical advice.

They can be a symptom of heart diseases of sosudistoj system – especially if swollen lower eyelids, and with pressure on them to remain the pit – dents.

Swollen lower eyelids with a yellowish tinge, if the swelling do not go more than a day, can also indicate kidney disease.

swelling is Often observed with endocrine diseases, disruption of thyroid function, allergies, and disease lesovyvozka ways.

In this case, says Dmitry Dementyev, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist for treatment.