In Moscow awarded the main national film award “Golden eagle”. The ceremony was held in the First pavilion “Mosfilm”.

“Golden eagle”. The largest cinema event, for the eighteenth year in a row, but for the nominees every time first. After all, their success at this stage will not determine the amount of box office receipts, and the opinion of professionals.

“This vote is not the critics and not the audience, is the voice of the people who actually make movies. And people of different professions. Is and Directors, and cameramen, and script writers, sound engineers. It is the choice of the professional community. I think “Golden eagle” generally the most prestigious award in the cinema”, — says the head of the concern “Mosfilm” Director Karen Shakhnazarov.

gentle Touching “Odessa”. It was created by Valery Todorovsky, so I saw her and millions of viewers. The first “eagle” flies in the hands of the drama the composer Anna Drubich for piercing, as if coming to the heart of the music. Figurines also highlighted the work of the artist-producer and cinematographer of the film.

Female role of the second plan. And here again the triumph of “Odessa”. The statuette for the role of the Worlds is his wife Evgenia Brik gets the film Director Valery Todorovsky.

“T-34”. A record number of nominations this year — 13 of 23. This success anticipated, the film is only in the first week of hire was watched by nearly 4 million viewers. Race, who conquered not only the hearts of viewers but also the Academy.

On stage, the filmmakers raised three times – “Golden eagles” for visual effects, most honorable, best screenplay and directing deservedly went to him.

“it’s important for Me professional recognition, so the audience got. I was not working alone. And the award for directing the work of all my colleagues, because we are all filmmakers, and they lived,” says the stage Director Alexei Sidorov.

Best TV movie nAswan ten serial “Godunov” by Alexey Andrianov, best TV series “stormy weather” by Sergei Ursulyak.

“eagle” for the best female role went to Victoria Miroshnichenko, who played in the film Kantemir Balagova “Cornstalk”.

Among the guests were the new Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova. This is her first public appearance in his new position.

“Two years ago I started “the Golden eagle” and was very nervous because I had just been appointed Director of the Department of cinematography. I think we have. I insanely grateful for that, dear industry, thank you!” — said Lyubimov.

And here on a scene Nikita Mikhalkov, friendly calls to get Alisa Freindlich. And so undeniably true that the prize for the best film of last year, will be awarded the winner of “the eagle” for tremendous contributions to the domestic film industry.

“Text” Klim shypenko picked up three more awards. Including Alexander Petrov – the “eagle” for best actor.