Taal raged: volcanic ash inundated the capital of the Philippines

In the next few hours in the Philippines, awaiting a new devastating eruption of Taal volcano. Seismologists warned that after already thrown the ashes will be huge lava flows. There is a mass evacuation. But left the dangerous area tourists, including Russians, can’t do it. Manila airport chaos.

Torn by lightning black plume of volcanic ash — what’s called a “dirty thunderstorm”, when the friction spewing dust and gases produces a powerful electrical discharge — like shots from the movie-disaster. Awakened after 42 years of hibernation Taal volcano suddenly turned the Philippine province of Batangas in the disaster area.

the Third day is the hasty evacuation of the nearby volcano settlements. In the danger zone — almost half a million people. Some places escape is almost impossible. Power outages, water. From the Philippine capital of Manila, only eighty kilometers — tons of volcanic ash and covered it.

“the Movement was hampered. We moved the car to the house and was just five meters can not see anything,” says Yana Sokolova, a resident of Manila.

thousands of tourists right now in the Philippines high season — stuck in the capital’s airport.

we had tickets to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia from Manila. I arrived at the airport and learned that all flights are cancelled”, — complains Lyudmila Suzdaleva, a tourist.

Now the flights to Manila restored, but hundreds of detainees for security purposes, flight release from the air port can lag behind. At check-in counters — collapse. In the capital, schools are closed and some businesses. From time to time felt the tremors.

“In this area shakes, roads cracked and ashes fell asleep like this gray mass. When there is rain, it literally turns to cement,” — said Egor Starkov, a tourist.

But more recently, Greg and I stood at the crater of Taal and the only thing that gave this tranquil lake is an active volcano comes from the red sand pairs. Now from the idyllic pictures — no trace. But for the sake of spectacular shots, many tourists are trying to get as close as possible to the volcano.

And this couple even showing off footage of the wedding on the background of the kilometer-long pillar of ash.

Just a day in the heart of the awakened’ala were about hundreds of aftershocks. They can trigger more tsunami. So possible new large-scale destruction.