Tagansky court: decision on the Telegram lock remains in effect

the Decision to block Telegram messenger is still in force. This was stated by the press service of the Tagansky district court of Moscow. The court has not yet received any petitions for the abolition of the lock.

the Telegram on the decision of Tagansky court was blocked in April 2018 due to the failure of the messenger to convey the FSB encryption keys, reminds TASS. After the court decision, Roskomnadzor started blocking resource. However, all this time the service was available to users.

the Messenger is used by government agencies for the dissemination of official information about the coronavirus COVID-19, channels in Telegram is officially used operational headquarters of Moscow on the situation with coronavirus and Ministry for those returning from abroad. Therefore, the deputies of the state Duma from “Fair Russia” Fedot Tumusov and Dmitry Ionin in April 2020 has prepared a draft law on Telegram.

Roskomnadzor has previously stated that he is ready to unblock the messenger Telegram in Russia.

on June 4 the founder of the messenger, Pavel Durov Telegram in your channel noticed that the unlock would the 30 million users more comfortable and more fulfilling to use this service. He added that would have a positive impact on the innovative development and national security of Russia.