Taken to the center

Delivered to Primorsky center “Tiger” kosulino is on the mend. Specialists brought him from the village Maskirovka, so the issue was never in doubt, told the veterinarians.

on Friday, June 5, the beast made a scheduled surgery — he had a broken leg. According to experts, all went well, the ones put in the plate. The kid did fine with the anesthesia, with appetite is drinking milk favorite. We will now begin a period of rehabilitation.

the Village of Maksimovka, where were taken of the beast, is about 900 km from the centre of the “Tiger”. To organize such a complex move helped the Director of the Sikhote-Alin nature reserve, Svetlana Sutyrina. The specialists of the centre are very grateful to all who took part in the rescue operation.

“News:Primorye” recalls mroo “Center “Tiger” in the business of rescuing, nursing wild animals for future release into natural habitat. The work is carried out thanks to a grant of the Russian President.

Text: GTRK “Vladivostok”