Tanks, on the way out: Red square ready for the rehearsal of the Victory Parade

Tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and anti-aircraft systems — military equipment preparing for the Victory Parade. It will take place exactly one week — on June 24. On the same day 75 years ago on the red square was defeated banners of the defeated Nazi Reich. Today’s military to work out all the details of the jubilee procession. But at the same time provide the public with new, never before seen at the parade of cars.

the Column leaves the centre for temporary placement of equipment in the capital Mnevniki and headed to Red square.

Ahead — a whole battalion of legendary T-34 tanks. Only about 30 cars. They already are equal to all other modern tanks “Armata”, anti-aircraft missile systems “Armour” and With-400 “Triumph”, a mobile strategic systems “Yar”. Just more than two hundred units.

“We now move to the BMP-3, — says, half out the sunroof, Evgeny Davydov. — Infantry fighting vehicle. Combo weapons, easy and reliable armor. Incredibly maneuverable and agile machine.”

the Crew is driving in extreme conditions. The outside temperature plus 30 degrees. Inside it’s even hotter. Nevertheless, the essential mask and distance.

“Yes, it’s hard, but necessary, — says the driver of the BMP-3 Dmitry Fedorov. – I have a sense of pride, because the two great-grandfather fought in the war, came to Berlin, came back alive.”

the Speed of movement of the column 40 kilometers per hour. The synchronicity is perfect. Victory parade in 2020 rich in the premiere. For the first time on red square will pass more than twenty examples of modern technology. This anti-aircraft missile system, and modified tanks and infantry fighting vehicles with a new combat modules. Another premiere will be coastal missile complex “Ball”. Lyrical under this name hides a real military power.

the triumphal square. Turn with a Garden on Twersquo. View over the equipment gathered hundreds of spectators.

emotions in the audience genuine. For the first time this year we have not seen the Victory Parade on 9 may. Well, here we go!

“This parade is for us, despite the fact that it had to be postponed, has a very large value — recognized by the audience. We are happy that he will be”.

“Beautiful, I like it, says a foreign tourist. But this is not the first time, it’s for many years. And I’m not Russian. But I’ve been living here, I really like it.”

— And where?

“Italy,” he replies.

“Emotions are just awesome, crazy. Finally, significant for our country, the parade will be held,” sharing the emotion of the audience.

“the first time I see this distance-technique — says another viewer. — I think the parade I will be isolated, as we all recommend. And today had a chance. I love it!”

the Entire route from Mnevniki before the start of the Tver takes an hour and a half. Already here in front of the Manege square technique is built in the mechanized columns.

And then the rehearsal of the Victory Parade continued on red square on June 17 after 22 hours. On the pavement will be more than 14 thousand soldiers and more than 230 pieces of equipment.