Tatyana Bulanova told about the consequences of microstroke and isolation

the Singer Tatyana Bulanova said that several years ago suffered a minor heart attack, but it turned out that only in the recent MRI scan.

in the Spring, as told Bulanov, the TV channel “Russia 1”, she was hospitalized in a pre-stroke condition. But the singer quickly recovered and after a few weeks after discharge resumed work.

Bulanova, moreover, admitted that because of hospitalization and quarantine overweight. “I gained a bit of weight in isolation. Especially because of the food in the hospital I’ve gained weight”, she said.

According to the artist, after all this time she began to care more about yourself and less trying to respond to the stress.

as for spring admission, close Bulanova then suggested that to bring it to a hospital ward could worrying about financial problems. A few days before hospitalization Bulanova said that due to the mode of isolation and the cancellation of the concerts has left virtually no money.