The start of the traditional tax declaration campaign rekindles the appeal of certain crooks, ready to do anything to scam you. While the promises may seem tempting, you need to be careful not to be the target of false good ideas, which could cause you major problems. Behind these possible good plans, the difficulties therefore have the capacity to be significant. Here are the ones to be wary of as soon as possible.

Thanks to tax credits, you can recover part of your expenses incurred in different areas, whether for childcare or gardening work. In any case, they are now the target of fraudsters, who hope to convince you to declare false expenses. Dangerous proposals which, as specified by the tax administration according to MoneyVox, represent “an offense which exposes you to criminal prosecution for fraud or false declaration”. It is therefore recommended not to give in to these tempting sirens, at the risk of finding yourself in a difficult situation.

To thwart these threats of fraud, the tax administration has stepped up enforcement. In 2023, it avoided 182 million euros in undue tax credit payments by directly thwarting fraud attempts. At the same time, the 2024 finance law created an offense of inciting tax fraud in order to “punish the provision of fraud schemes online, on the internet and social networks, and to sanction people who market tools legal and financial intended to hide income or assets”. Here, in our slideshow, are the good tips that have made you wary.