Since April 11, French people can file their income tax returns until the end of May/beginning of June. To simplify your declaration, there are many solutions.

For example, you can pay money into your retirement savings account, the contributions are deductible from income tax. Donations to associations, in addition to allowing you to do a good deed, entitle you to a tax reduction of 75% up to 1,000 euros and 66% beyond this amount.

But did you know that certain boxes in your tax notice can save you money?

This subtlety is hidden at the bottom of the third page of your tax notice: box 2OP. It corresponds to the flat tax set at 12.8%, otherwise called single flat-rate levy (PFU), which applies to capital income. If you check this box, you opt for the application of the progressive scale of tax on income and financial gains received in 2023 by members of the tax household.

This tax is advantageous for taxpayers who have income from securities such as shares, social shares which pay a variable return or even fixed income investments. But for taxpayers who are not taxable or those with a low income, the flat tax is not advantageous. In this case, it is better to check the 2OP box.

To send your declaration online, the deadline varies depending on your department.

For taxpayers who choose to report their income on paper, the deadline is May 21, 2024.