Inequalities persist until retirement. Some, due to a small pension, find it difficult to pay for dental care, glasses or other medical treatments not covered by Social Security…

Costs which not only increase during this period, but also add to general inflation: water, heating, electricity…

As a result, the monthly bill increases from month to month. And some even give up repairing their house, their roof, or adapting their home. Which becomes problematic during an accident or a long illness, for example.

Fortunately, many benefits for tax-free retirees exist in France. If low income, all resources combined, and residing in France are common eligibility conditions, each allowance has specific criteria, recalls the government website. Before detailing, in more detail, the aid available to a tax-free retiree. Here is a reminder of the latter’s profile.

If your annual income does not exceed a certain threshold, you will be considered non-taxable, returns the site, which means that you will not pay income tax.

Many French people belong to this category, since annual household income rarely exceeds the profitability threshold set by the State. As a result, in addition to not having to pay a cent in tax, a non-taxable person can benefit from numerous social benefits. And retirees are one of them, they are also eligible for social benefits, because they generally present cases of non-taxation. Even more so once you retire, because income drops drastically at that time. In this context, different forms of social and tax assistance are accessible.

Here, below, in our slideshow, is this tax-free aid dedicated to retirees: