Team mishustina: new Cabinet immediately set to work

President Vladimir Putin approved the structure and composition of the new Russian government headed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. The Cabinet was updated half. 15 new faces, among which except the Prime Minister 6 Deputy Prime Ministers and 8 Ministers. Interestingly, even a single Cabinet in the history of the new Russia were not formed in such a short time. Since the resignation of the Cabinet of Dmitry Medvedev and the announcement of the new team less than a week.

At the first meeting of the Prime Minister Mishustin immediately outlined priorities. The first is the implementation of the tasks set by the President in address to the Federal Assembly for the support of families with children and income growth of Russians. Second — growth economy, without which success in solving social problems is not achieved. And third — the implementation of the national projects that the people feel the change in my life in the near future.

This is the starting point of the new government. The very first footage. At the table — the Ministers and Vice-premiers. It is their collected Prime Mishustin. And that they now solve the tasks set by the President. Vladimir Putin, even late in the evening, came to the White house to exhort the person.

“the Previous government did a lot to establish a base for further development. But all that produced by overwork, I will say with little irony, nonetheless it really should be well used in the future to achieve national objectives and for the efficient use of the tools created for these purposes have been achieved. Mean national projects”, — said the head of state.

“I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in me now our team. We are all well aware that the challenges we face, uneasy. We will make every effort to fulfill them”, — said Mikhail Mishustin.

the team mishustina nine Deputy Prime Ministers, that is, of deputies, who shall supervise from the top.nly industries. And one of them first.

This is Andrei Belousov. Probably one of the most experienced economists in our country. For several years he was assistant to the President for economic Affairs and previously Minister of economic development.

to Manage the apparatus of government will be Dmitry Grigorenko. He and another Vice-Premier Alexey Overchuk — came from the Federal tax service, where he worked under the leadership of the current Prime Minister. So that on filling of the budget know all.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, we all remember numerous personnel from Sochi. He led the organising Committee for the Olympic games. And then was President of the Continental hockey League.

Victoria Abramchenko before joining the Cabinet of Ministers, headed the building Department, taking into account all the land and real estate.

And Marat Khusnullin was the Deputy mayor of Moscow. Was responsible for the construction. Updated “Luzhniki” Park “Zaryadye” and all the new metro station is its asset.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, Yuri Borisov and Yuri Trutnev their posts in the government is preserved.

the five Ministers who report directly to the head of state, almost no change.

Ministry of foreign Affairs continues for Sergei Lavrov. The defence Ministry headed by Sergei Shoigu. The Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev. The head EMERCOM of Russia – Evgeny Senichev.

But justice Minister was Konstantin Chuichenko. In the previous government he was Deputy Prime Minister, and before that almost 10 years he directed the Supervisory office of the President.

the Social and economic units has been updated seriously.

the Prime Minister called the Perm Maxim Reshetnikov, who was at that time Governor of the Perm region, and was asked to head the Ministry of economic development. A task in his Message clearly outlined the President: to achieve a growth rate of not lower than average. Strategy 40-year-old Minister has already started to build the usual — the handles on the magnetNoah Board. Two capital “N” and “N” is national projects.

“the Main problem that we will solve in the next 2-3 months, is a clear analysis of what industries we are doing and where we need to attract more investment. And we have all these issues to do not just a small circle. We are talking about what we need for the whole system of government, in all branches, in all areas to distribute these tasks”, — said Reshetnikov.

Valery Falkov now — Minister of science and higher education. Collects things in his native Tyumen state University, where he worked as the rector for 8 years. In Moscow with the best most expensive — books.

“Time for emotions was not. From the first minute, as soon as he learned of the decision, began a serious and responsible work. And work always keeps in shape,” said Falkov.

But Anton Kotkov the Ministry of labour and social protection has already settled. Scores — referring to the same place of work. He was Deputy Minister of Finance. And there was in charge of the social sphere. Now — assistance to families, child allowances and maternity capital — even for a first child — that’s what you have to do.

“Held a meeting on amendments to the law on the parent capital. Because we need to define clear rules for granting it in a larger size,” said Katkov.

the New Minister of health Michael Murashko — he was the head of Roszdravnadzor recalled that, as a doctor, often in the Ministry.

“This building is historical and for me, actually native. For the first time within these walls I was even in 1996, when work began on the draft orders for perinatal centers. This was my doctoral thesis,” said ant.

the Main task today — to raise the primary level and to prevent the shortage of medicines. Moreover, all the Ministers have been undertercepat: you have to work, apparently, seven days a week. This pace asked Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

All four graduates of the “school of presidential reserve”, where Mishustin taught.

Another new face in the government – Maksut Shadaev. The Ministry digital development of Telecom and mass communications it came from “Rostelecom”.

the New Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov headed Rosobrnadzor, and monitor the cleanliness of the examination.

Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova. She knows the TV, and theatre, and cinema. She opened the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden eagle”.

“it’s Amazing, but two years ago I came to the pavilion “Mosfilm” with “Golden eagle”, I was shaking because I had just been appointed Director of the Department of cinematography of the Ministry of culture. Then I thought: I will manage it? And it seems that we have succeeded. And now I’m in a new capacity,” — said Lyubimov.

And the new Minister of sports Oleg Matytsin – professionally, played table tennis, then became a functionary. I am sure that it is time to more aggressively fight for the rights of our athletes.

“We will exert every effort in order to restore confidence in our country, to establish more robust and effective links with international organizations that have a relationship to the doping program,” said Matytsin.

And finally, eight Ministerial portfolios in the government maintained. Anton Siluanov — in the Ministry of Finance. Denis Manturov in the Ministry of industry and trade. Alexander Novak is still the Minister of energy. Eugene Dietrich — the Minister of transport. Vladimir Yakushev continues to lead the Ministry of construction and housing. The Minister of agriculture and then Dmitry Patrushev. The Minister of natural resources and environment – Dmitry Kobylkin. Minister for development of the Far East and the Arctic – Alexander Kozlov.

becoming known and the fate of those who were not included in the new government. So, Maxim Oreshkin and Vladimir Medinsky became the assistant to the President. Appointed head of the Pension Fund. And Veronica Skvortsova will now lead the Federal medical-biological Agency.

Well, the Prime Minister Mishustin time to lose did not take. And the first Cabinet meeting held the same day, or rather late in the evening formation. Approved and the first detailed plan of realization of the presidential Message.

Text: “News of the week”