After two bankruptcies, the TV and radio manufacturer Loewe now wants to focus more on kitchen appliances and electromobility. “We don’t see any growth market for the future in the classic TV set. That’s why we’ve started to expand our portfolio,” said Managing Director Thomas Putz WELT AM SONNTAG.

By the end of the year, the 99-year-old traditional company wants to launch a fully automatic coffee machine in addition to televisions and audio systems. A wine refrigerator is also in the product pipeline. In the coming spring, Loewe also intends to launch a newly developed electric scooter, which the company confidently announces as the “safest scooter in the world”.

The old core business with televisions is slowly getting back to Loewe three years after the bankruptcy. 130 to 180 TV sets leave the factory in Kronach, Franconia, every day, and around 80,000 sets are expected to be produced in the year as a whole.

Loewe had to file for bankruptcy in 2019 and was taken over in the same year by the Skytec Group, which is registered in Cyprus. Behind her is the investor Aslan Khabliev, who today appears as Loewe’s CEO.

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