Terrible accident in Belovsky district claimed two lives

Day 22 of January in Belovo area on route Belovo – Gurevsk – Salair three cars collided. “Previously it is established that the driver of a LADA Priora when overtaking a car “VAZ-2107” not convinced of safety of maneuver, I left on a strip of oncoming traffic where faced the car “VAZ-2115”, after the LADA rejected on a passing car “VAZ-2107”.

the accident killed two women – the driver and the passenger of “VAZ-2115”, GTRK “Kuzbass”. Injuries of varying severity were got by the driver and a passenger of LADA Priora. They are delivered in medical institution”, — reported in GU MVD in the Kemerovo region. Now on a place experts work, establishing all the causes of the tragedy. Drivers once again urge caution and care.

Text: GTRK “Kuzbass”