Terrible attacks by alabais: the woman was left without hands

In the suburbs for a week or two of terrible attack alabais on people. In domodedowo a stray dog attacked a pregnant woman with a six year old child, but first tore their pet Yorkshire Terrier. Earlier in Ramenskoye district home, but not less aggressive horses had gnawed off the young woman’s hand. The victim is still in hospital.

that morning, Olga Bosonogaja, as usual, left the house and went to work in the store, which is just a few hundred meters. Accompanied her youngest son. The woman managed to make only a couple dozen steps when she was grabbed by the hand of a neighbor Alabai and dragged him into the bushes. Seeing as mother tormented by a huge dog, six-year-old Matthew did not panic and ran for help.

Olga from an angry dog literally repulsed colleagues. Hearing the loud alarm of the car, Alabai has loosened its grip and the woman was saved.

Olga was lying here. Head here and your feet directly under Bush, it turns out.

the Victim was urgently hospitalized. Needed urgent blood transfusion and surgery. Bones, muscles, tendons, and arteries have been severely damaged. The left arm had to be amputated.

In fact, it could have been worse. When Olga came to herself, she said that chance to pull his hand from the jaws of Alabai alone was not.

“the Dog sensed blood and, consequently, has become to their territory to haul,” says the friend Olga Elena Stradymov.

“you Know, like a bear, tore up everything in there. She tried to rise, to leave the roadway, but he did not give”, — says Olga’s father Bosonogoe Fedor Shumarov.

As it turned out, Central Asian shepherd dog got out through a huge hole in the fence. The dog’s owner Gennady Georgiev just throws up his hands.

– Now that showed me — the dog got loose. As the attack on the woman, I have not seen.

According to neighbors, Alabai Georgieva often seen wandering in the street, and the ownera — drunk. The comments he didn’t respond.

– was passing By, the gate is open, the dog walks here. Alabai is that big.
– That is, directly on the road? In the middle?
– here he generally walked.

After the incident, the gate and gate Georgieva on the castle, barking from behind the fence not hear.

“the Man explained that pet he is put to sleep and cremated in a private organization. Police planned to check in the specified institution to confirm the information”, — told the employee of press-service GU MVD of Russia Moscow region Andrei Pyshkin.

Similar cases tens of thousands, the news just get worst. Scenario — as a blueprint: animals escape and at some point start to throw at passers-by.

Two years ago a five year old girl was nearly bitten to death by Mastiff. The owners didn’t answer the question, why are they fighting dog was running around without a leash and a muzzle. When they woke up, jaw already closed on the girl’s head.

– your Hand in his mouth, thrusting to me, he gnawed, and not the child.

the footage video Staffordshire Terrier kills a poodle. To pry open his mouth just did not have time. The owner seriously says: it has nothing to do with it.

– All the neighbors know that the dog I have a little weird.

When the material was ready to air, in the Moscow Domodedovo, there was another incident — and also with alabaam. What is called the law of paired events: according to eyewitnesses, right on the Playground unattended shepherd ripped a Yorkshire Terrier.

“Saw a police officer running around between the trees and shoots. Interfere with car to him. From the clips he has released enough ammo shots was a lot. Then I saw that a large dog was limping. Said she broke up the little dog,” — says the witness — Jeanette book.

“the Police in accordance with the provisions of the law On police service weapon was used. Aggressive animal nautralasian,” — said the duty officer of the Department of information and public relations GU MVD of Russia Moscow region Dmitry Krysin.

Police establish the dog’s owner. Gennady Georgiev a few days later after the incident said he was willing to pay damages to the injured and even pay her a monthly pension. Relatives and friends of Olga Bosonogoe reacted to the loud statement reserved.

“the Owner alabi gives interviews, but the contact with the parents of Olga, he does not leave. Accordingly, I think the decision on payment will be made in court”, — says Elena Stradymov.

“a lot depends on whether the victim forgive him — forgive and humanly, and if she forgives him in court legally. What the application will be heard in the judicial process,” — said the lawyer Ildar Fazleev.

After a single interview, the owner of the dog, forever left a young woman crippled, he fell silent again. Perhaps Georgiev just stand tactics offered to him by the lawyer.

Family Bosonogaya also prepares for court, but it will be later. Now all the attention, daughter. Her condition has stabilized. According to doctors, the woman helps the character. Olga herself says that just does not allow himself to be depressed and for the sake of their children is ready to transfer all of the upcoming transaction.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”