Territorial claims of Estonia: Slutsky said Billwas

the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky commented on the words of the Chairman of the Estonian Parliament henna pillwhere on the Tartu Treaty of 1920.

“the Declaration of the speaker of the Estonian Parliament about the Tartu peace Treaty the Russian-Estonian border is incorrect and unacceptable,” Slutsky wrote on Twitter.

According to him, this casts Russia and Estonia 15 years ago and undermines efforts to conclude a new contract.

Billwas stated that the Tartu peace Treaty, according to which a hundred years ago was set the border between Soviet Russia and Estonia, is still valid and is in the registry of the United Nations. It part of the current Leningrad and Pskov areas departed the Baltic republics, reminds RIA Novosti. In 1944 the territory was returned to the Russian Federation.

Previously, Pillais already called to return to Estonia, “annexed land”. Moscow believes that the Treaty is a historical document. The contract has lost its power, when Estonia joined the USSR in 1940, and the land was returned to Russia within the Union of relations.