Tested canceled, year able to do without landing

In the air the plane rose PHASA-35, powered by solar energy and able to go to ground in the course of the year.

It is the brainchild of BAE Systems and its subsidiary BAE Systems Prismatic went from design to testing in just 20 months.

the Drone has a wingspan of 35 meters and a body from carbon composite material weighing 150 pounds. The device is intended for flying in the stratosphere at a height of 21 kilometers. It is capable of speeds from 93 to 145 kilometers per hour.

tested canceled year able to do without landing 1the Drone gets energy from solar panels.Photo BAE Systems.

the Day the plane gets energy from solar panels based on gallium arsenide and charge its lithium-ion batteries. Latest and provide electricity at night. As a result, the drone can hold in the air without a single landing just a year.

the movement of his lead two high-rise screw adapted to low air density in the stratosphere. These screws are rotated the two brushless motors with direct drive. Manufacturers stress that PHASA-35 can withstand the stratospheric winds.

tested canceled year able to do without landing 2the screw plane adapted to high altitude.Photo BAE Systems.

Being a lot higher than the standard air routes, the UAV will not create any problems for air traffic.

At the same time it can be an ideal means for observing the surface of the Earth. In fact, the apparatus can provide the same capabilities as the satellites for much less money. Producers tipped him to both civil and military applications. Among other things it can be used to support 5G networks.

tested canceled year able to do without landing 3the Unit will operate in the stratosphere, and could infit, for example, to detect natural fires or rescue at sea.Photo BAE Systems.

the Continuation of flight testing beginner’s scheduled for the end of 2020. It is expected that during the year after their graduation, clients will be able to get the first commercial instances.

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