Only recently, actors Paul Priluchny and agate muceniece officially divorced. The Network is now actively discussing the possibility of Roman men with peers, Miroslava Karpovich. The latter due to the rumors was the victim of threats from her detractors. Karpovich, for the first time commented on the news of the affair with Priluchny.

the Actress StarHit said that over the years has become wise and not pay attention to the Haight. According to her, during the pandemic, she was signed by about ten thousand people, but when it come to information about her allegedly close relationship with Paul Priluchny, the number of subscribers has increased dramatically. “Thank you enemies for my popularity,” said Miroslava Karpovich.

the Actress did not confirm or deny the affair with the now stellar single. According to her, it basically tells about what happens in her personal life. “So let’s do without comments”, — said Karpovich.

Divorce Priluchnogo with muceniece became one of the most discussed news from the world of show business. The couple have two children — a son Timothy and daughter MIA.