Thanks and congratulations to doctors in Russia are celebrating the day of medical worker

Sincere thanks today sound to the doctors. How valuable their work is now probably clear as ever. And the medical worker’s Day — another reason to say thank you to all who heals and saves.

the Day of the doctor this year has evolved from a celebration professional almost people, all grateful to the doctors for the heavy in a pandemic coronavirus work. The doctors themselves recall that in the beginning it was even harder. Remained the most persistent, but now patients with coronavirus is still a lot. The work is going to wear.

“I do without prayer is not going to work. It’s scary to remember. Very hard was the lack of understanding of the team, many have gone, was just off work and left jobs. Now all is well, now we have both the barmaid and housekeeper, and nurses and orderlies,” — says Elena Kamesh, head of the pulmonological Department of the hospital. N. And. Semashko.

Activists of various organizations have tried to make a holiday truly memorable. In Ivanovo, for example, the local artist made large-scale graffiti, and representatives of the Russian popular front gave the doctors of the hospital cards with the same symbolic figure — the doctor covers the globe.

There is a new art-object Rostov on the territory of the city hospital ambulance No. 2 don the volunteers drew of the doctor and the heart as a symbol of lives saved, and the doctors were presented with congratulatory cards and letters that people write and send to hospital.

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to greetings from adults joined the children. An original way to congratulate the doctors came up with the activists of the Young guard of “United Russia”. In Ekaterinburg near the stadium they found large letters, making a 16-meter, the phrase “Thank you doctors”, and for several days they collect capsules with congratulations from the townspeople each placed in a big red heart, well not without a personaltion gifts — doctors received red roses.

a Big “Thank you” and speak in Circassian is the word motorists made up of private cars. The idea of the flash mob belonged to the activists of “United Russia”. Doctors say such signs of attention are very important because they realize that their work is appreciated.