Thanks to WDC residents of Shcherbinka saved over 11 million rubles

Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Moscow mayor for transport and road infrastructure, said that for the duration of the pay regime at the Moscow Central diameters residents of Shcherbinka saved more than 11 million rubles.

Previously, the station Shcherbinka was the fourth tariff zone, and after starting the IDC, she was in “Central” zone, RIA Novosti reported. It significantly reduced the ticket price: if before travel to Kursk station was worth 92 rubles (plus 38 rubles worth metro transfer), now at the rate of “Wallet” on this route you can drive for 38 rubles, and transfer to subway will be free. Thus, a resident of Shcherbinka spends traveling in the same direction at 92 rubles less than before.

Earlier Liksutov said that thanks to the Moscow Central diameters passengers IDC-1 “Belarus-Savelovskaya” and the IDC-2 “Kursk-Riga” saved about a hundred million rubles.