According to Christian Mölling, armaments expert at the Society for Foreign Affairs (DGAP), the planned cash injection for the German Armed Forces in the amount of 100 billion euros will be used up after just a few years. “The 100 billion special fund is only enough for about three and a half years to finance the new target of at least two percent of gross domestic product for defense spending,” said Mölling WELT AM SONNTAG.

The head of the security and defense program at the Berlin think tank warns of a huge funding gap. “Over a period of ten years, there could be an additional need of 250 billion euros,” said Mölling.

He therefore proposes “not blowing out the special fund right at the beginning”, but stretching it and increasing the regular defense budget in order to gain planning security and time for reforms.

The medium-term financial planning currently envisages a defense budget of 50 billion euros. The expert warns that if the 100 billion euros are spent too quickly, the Bundeswehr could have gaps in its capabilities because there is no sustainable financing for new technologies, for example.