The abolition of the sentence on the case of violence over a 1.5-year-old daughter from the father: a review of the Ombudsman

the Commissioner on child rights under the President of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova appealed to the investigating authorities of Tatarstan. She asked me to see the man accused of the rape of her daughter, on participation in similar crimes against other children.

the situation in the family of the inhabitant of Bugulma has attracted the attention of the Ombudsman after a man accused of child abuse, was acquitted by the court. In support of the cohabitant was made by the mother of the family, though the man himself admitted that he really abused the girl.

Later acquittal, the district court reversed the Supreme court of Tatarstan. A criminal case was returned for retrial.

“I Hope now will be given unambiguous answers to questions, resolution of which depends directly on the life and health of a young child, wrote Kushnerova in Instagram. – Indignation of ours, and many people absolutely clear. I thank the Prosecutor’s office, the colleague of the Ombudsman in the region for their prompt reaction”.

the Ombudsman called on the police to approach the proceedings with seriousness and to make decisions to the fullest extent of the law. The fact that the family of the suspect brought up the two older children. According to Kuznetsova, the guardianship and the Commission on minors must take all measures to protect these children.

“We believe it is necessary to apply to the investigative Committee to check possible abuse and violence against other children in the family,” he said. the Ombudsman said: the punishment for those who commit crimes against children should be inevitable.

As previously reported, the incident involving seventeen-month-old girls happened in October 2019. The child was taken to hospital with bleeding. The doctors diagnosed the baby’s injuries specific to sexual violence. The girl’s father first said that to hurt my daughter when you were changing her diaper, and then admitted that he really abused over it. He noted, however, that didn’t do it for sexual gratification, but because of the fact that “just lost it” after a quarrel with the cohabitant. In April of Bugulma, the court acquitted the man, finding proof of his guilt insufficient. The state prosecution appealed the decision.