The account of Ephraim lit up in the messenger, despite the prohibition to use the Internet

the phone Number is registered to Michael Ephraim, appeared in the Telegram. The account is owned by the artist, popped up in the messenger at 13:33.

Recall that Ephraim is forbidden to use the Internet and communicate with everyone, except relatives and legal counsel. Currently, the artist is under house arrest. If he commits any violation, he faces transfer to the jail.

it is Unknown, registered in the messenger Efremov or someone else. Nevertheless, his account appeared in the Telegram, according to RIA Novosti.

the Daughter of Ephraim Anna Maria, in turn, explained who he could go to the messenger with rooms of her father. According to her, it’s either the wife or the Manager. She drew attention to the fact that her father is currently no mobile phone and he doesn’t use any social networks except WhatsApp messenger.