The accused in the beating of hockey players

the scandal with the fight in Khabarovsk, after which 37-year-old captain of the hockey team “the Cupid” has got in hospital with severe open craniocerebral trauma, divided the city into two camps.

After became aware of the video of the incident, according to which the instigators of the fight were the players, some came to the defense of athletes, the other side of Alexei Markov.

he was a defendant in a criminal case initiated under article “Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health”.

“live” conducted its own investigation, to clarify the circumstances of this incident and listened to Markov, who told how it all happened actually.

the Man says that he is a fan, and he didn’t want to deprive the team captain. However, according to him, the whole company of athletes and wife Kondratieff, who was driving, were in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Markov says that they first showed aggression after coming out of his Porsche, hit the door of his car.

Alex made a remark that received rude responses and then attack.

In impute guilt to the man that he used to box and supposedly one shot is enough to put even a strong hockey player. He says, that used to box in school up to grade 11.

At the same time, says Markov, the entire company was barely standing on his feet, and he was only defending from the unprovoked attack on him Kondratyev.

the Injury, the athlete got when Alex pushed the hockey player’s hands, and he fell.

that evening “Cupid” really celebrated the victory over “Spartak” and celebrated the event at a local restaurant.

there is a record of supper athletes, which shows that no one indulges in alcohol. However, the restaurant staff claim that left the players in an adequate condition.

They were local stars, and, says Markov, in this case itmoose is a very strong administrative pressure: Alexei suspiciously brought a criminal case, and he himself had to look for the disappeared video that proves that hockey players were attacked first.

the investigation, he said, “have not found” any witness to the accident, although they were.

in the meantime? doctors give disappointing forecasts of the state of Kondratiev. The rest of the season he just dropped out, and perhaps does his career now you can put a cross.

At the same time, according to recent reports, the player was better. In addition, there is information that he was in the hospital for three days.

What had really happened that night in Khabarovsk? Where did Maxim Kondratyev, and if he could thus escape the woman who gave birth to his child?

That told the paramedics who picked up hockey from the scene, who threatens the family of Alexei Markov?

details of the story in the programme “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.