The administration of the Yalta raises the status of urban janitors

no More janitors, and the “Maestro of purity.” Status, which today emerged from those who are responsible for cleaning the streets of Yalta. Utilities staff has received new powers — now they must support not only “health and public order.”

Well, the ceremony of transition to the new format held the maximum solemn. The staff even took the oath, including a sworn “to make Yalta the best city of the Earth.” However, looking at the event, it was difficult to guess what is before us is the wipers. Since the appearance of the Crimean people now is fundamentally different from their colleagues from other Russian regions.

Light blue shirt, long apron, cap, and women more and skirt to the floor. Retro design used deliberately, chosen as the sample appearance janitors Imperial times. Naturally, the novelty immediately caused a broad discussion.

So the mayor of Yalta had separately to explain that the form is actually “comfortable”. And “goes well with modern conditions.” By the way, for the wearing of uniforms the city will pay.

the developers of the design claim that thought not only about attractiveness, but also the practicality of the uniform. Color, by the way, is chosen not casually — in a grayish apron could unobtrusively to weave reflective tape. One of the prerequisites of the customers was the security — to the janitor was clearly visible even at night. Of course, I could not forget about the peculiarities of the climate of the Russian resort.

“I understand that it is very hot here, and people should be comfortable. Of course, going globalizarea fabric, it is clear, that people were comfortable. In the winter of course there are sets of insulated, quilted, those that protect from a rain small, that is, all will be designed in the style of tsarist Russia. That is, the idea have to bring to the end — it’s a great idea, this is the face of gorod and prestige”, says Alina Kolotushkin, head of design of clothes “of Dizalica”, Yalta.

In tsarist Russia the aprons, and the aprons at the janitors were white, not gray — this is one of the few discrepancies. In pre-revolutionary Yalta, as in the modern, the distinguishing marks of the profession was a cap and badge.

While the wipers in the resort town will be busy just cleaning. But in the future they are going to transfer and additional authority. More than a hundred years ago the caretaker was considered the lowest police rank and helped the policeman to maintain order. And in addition performed many other tasks — from the hanging of flags on holidays to the delivery of firewood. To play a more active role of caretaker and now want to come in the administration of Yalta.

“the Idea was, it remains and we can still implement it, that the janitor, it needs to turn into a quarterly, he sweeps, he looks not to litter. Through it we work with the public, with residents, we know about their problems, about their aspirations, we mobilize to restore order, through them, bring the information,” explains Ivan Imgrunt, head of the city administration of Yalta.

clothes make the man. To Yalta wipers have become a real hallmark of the city, they are cold and warm seasons will make at least another two sets of uniforms: one — replacement, the second front. The prestige of the profession but clothes will not lift. The increase in the wages of janitors will receive 27 million rubles. According to the mayor, their new salaries struck a chord of some officials.

“When I announced that 30 of the minimum wages of the janitors, have to be, I some said the administration employees are offended. Well, if you want to have 30 thousand, you have not, then go to the wipers. Why not? And why is it suddenly shameful profession” — asks Ivan Imgrunt , head of the city administration of Yalta.

by the Way, close attention Maestro purity in Yalta paid even in the winter. Then the city established a Day janitor — it will be celebrated on the third Sunday of may. And that’s not all plans for the promotion of the profession. In December, the resort is going to have a ball janitors in Vienna. On his Yalta authorities intend to invite the cleaners from Austria, Germany, Turkey and Greece.