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aging is a story that tells not only our appearance. The first aging signs of the body indicate a much more fine structure: cells, genes, and even living in us bacteria.

First, go down a couple of some, it would seem, not very important biochemical processes. However, these small failures, like dominos, causing a chain reaction of “bounce” in our body. And then suffer for the whole organs and systems.

a Deep understanding of these phenomena will ever allow a person to live longer. However, more importantly, identify mechanisms of occurrence and development of aging will help us to stay healthy for most of your life.

Researchers from Stanford University and the Institute of aging research of the name buck (Buck Institute for Research on Aging) closer to that dream of mankind.

In his work a large team of scientists looked for biological mechanisms that are most inclined to “break” before all indicates the onset of the aging – in other words, the promising targets for the “treatment of old age.”

To do this, researchers from Stanford University have produced 18 million of a variety of medical measurements in 106 healthy person 29-75 years. The volunteers participated in the experiment for two to four years.

the Scientists looked for common to all laws of aging and signs of age.

“We are well aware of some of the molecular and clinical markers [aging]. For example, high levels of cholesterol often observed in the elderly. But we want to know about aging more than we “talk” the average [biochemical] indicators. That happens to every person with age? Still, no one ever so carefully not watching the same people for quite some time,” says study leader Michael Snyder (Michael Snyder) in a press release from Stanford University.

Collected extensive information prodemandhave risovala that aging at least four biological pathways. In some subjects, old age imperceptibly but inexorably begins with the deterioration of the kidneys. The other portion of the age “it was noted” changes in the liver. In the third and fourth group of the first “give up” the immune system and the metabolic system.

the researchers found that in volunteers with metabolic type of aging over the years has grown the concentration of glucose in blood, threatening with development of diabetes of the second type.

Those who have signs of age-related “failures” first of all manifested in the work of the immune system, were prone to inflammation at the micro level. In the future this type of aging leading to inflammation that can be associated with the occurrence of arthritis, heart disease and even cancer, experts say.

the Authors hope that they discovered the main types of “aging” will help to identify the most vulnerable spots of everyone and preventing the most likely for him age-related changes.

In the second study, scientists from the Institute of the Tank studied the cellular characteristics of biological age. The experts observed over 3200 volunteers throughout their adult life, starting in 1958 and found cells-the indicators of aging.

long before the appearance of any obvious “senile” changes some of the cells in our body become less to share, their work is disturbed. Over time, this also leads to the same age-related diseases.

Due to the identified deterioration in the cells, experts have put forward the following hypothesis. If you break the development of a “disease of aging” at the earliest stages, it is possible to stop the development of others and generally to improve and even to suspend old age. Scientists from the Institute of Tank called his hypothesis a unified theory of the fundamental processes of aging.

Experts stress that their findings are preliminary. To confirm these observations, further research was needed. However, the current findings offer an important step nand the way to create effective drugs against aging. And they will be directed to the specific mechanisms of decay of the body, the scientists.

“We are already preparing the ground for the identification of clinically significant biomarkers of aging. This will accelerate the development of safe and effective medicines [from old age]. In the future, doctors will be able to assess how quickly aging organs and tissues of each of their patients,” commented one of the senior authors Professor Judith Campisi (Judith Campisi) in the press release of the Institute of Tank.

the Results of research are published in scientific journals Nature Medicine and PLOS Biology.

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Text: To.Science