The air in the United States the net: trump has responded to criticism Thunberg

the US President Donald trump called on the Swedish ecoactivists Greta Thunberg to pay attention to other countries that pollute the environment. The corresponding statement of the American leader made during a press conference in Davos where the world economic forum.

According to trump, in the USA everything is clean and fine, but there is another continent, where emissions of gases reaches incredible proportions. The American leader believes that Thunberg should concentrate on those areas. In addition, trump said that in the US the clean air, and garbage ocean from other countries, informs “Interfax”.

the American President also recalled the Swedish ecoactivist that she beat him in the fight for the award “Person of the year” by Time magazine.

Donald trump and Greta Thunberg’s not the first time affect each other in their public appeals. For example, the President of the United States in December, advised the 17-year-old girl to work on that anger and to go to the cinema for a good film. Thunberg, in turn, does not neglect the statements of the trump and some of them includes in the description of your Twitter account.