The ambassadors of Poland and Israel is concerned about Kiev March in honor of Bandera

the Polish Ambassador Bartosz Tsihotsky Israeli Ambassador Joel Lyon expressed concern in connection with the celebration in Ukraine of the memory of Stepan Bandera. 1 January in Kiev was held a March in honor of the 111th anniversary of the birth of the leader of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists and the Ukrainian insurgent army — UPA (banned in Russia).

the same day, on the building of the Kyiv city administration was hung a banner with the image of Bandera, reports RIA Novosti. In addition, the Lviv regional Council has allocated in 2020 public funds in memory of Andrew Miller, who at the Polish Embassy called a “Nazi collaborator” and also “anti-Polish, xenophobic, anti-Semitic” writer Ivan Linden and his son Yuri Linden – Creator of the “racist theory of the Ukrainian race”. All this has caused the concern of the ambassadors.

At the Embassy of Poland “with great concern and sadness” noted that the Lviv regional Council and the Kiev city administration “is still celebrated historical events and figures that have once and for all to condemn.”

the Ambassadors pointed out that Poland and Israel are doing everything to prevent attacks on Jews in different countries. They also oppose attempts to distort history of the Second world war. The Embassy noted that they expect from the Lviv regional Council and the Kiev city administration join the dialogue “in search of truth”. The Israeli Yad Vashem and the Polish Institute of national memory is ready to provide assistance.