The Committee us olympic (USOC) has engaged in a procedure to remove the american Federation of gymnastics (USAG) its status as the governing body of the discipline, in the wake of the scandal related to the case Nassar, according to a press release published Monday, 5 November. “Today, the olympic Committee of the us, has filed a complaint against US Gymnastics, revoking the USAG as a member of the national board of directors of the USOC,” said the director-general of the USOC, Sarah Hirshland.

In an open letter addressed to the gymnasts american, Sarah Hirshland said that USA Gymnastics had failed to ” change his philosophy, to rebuild its leadership and to effectively serve its members “. “You deserve better,” she wrote in the letter.

Testimonies skipped

The USAG is for several months in turmoil, following the decision in Nassar, a doctor who has sexually assaulted hundreds of gymnasts for several decades.

The victims of Larry Nassar had expressed particular regret that the leaders of the Federation have not taken account of their testimonies, and warnings, in the face of the actions of the former team doctor of women of the United States.

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This last was sentenced early this year to several long prison sentences for assaulting at least 265 victims, most of them minor, under the guise of medical treatment.

“Not an easy decision”

Since the beginning of this affair, one of the most serious in the history of american sport and the world, the USAG has no president. An acting director, who was appointed on 12 October, has resigned after only four days.

Sarah Hirshland said that the USOC took its decision after lengthy deliberations. “We are facing a situation where there is no perfect solution. Seeking to dismiss the USAG has not been an easy decision “, she explained.

” in the short term, we must work to ensure that the gymnasts USAG have the support necessary to excel on and off to the gym. We are preparing to do exactly that. “

This decision comes two days after the World gymnastics Doha, Qatar, which saw the triumph of the gymnast american Simone Biles ; it is mounted on the six podium places available : four world titles – contest by teams, competitions, general, jump, ground –, a silver medal on the uneven bars and a bronze on beam. The young woman had revealed, in January, it was part of the victims of Nassar.

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