The appeal of Vladimir Putin to citizens: full text

on Tuesday, June 23, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has addressed to citizens of the country. The head of state announced several decisions, including the rejection of the flat rate personal income tax, payments to children under 16 years, the expansion of conditions for mortgage and much more. Вести.Ru publish the full text of the President’s address.

Dear citizens of Russia, March 25, I first contacted you in connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.

it took only three months. Usually such a period, one quarter, passes quickly, sometimes even unnoticed. But these are certainly difficult days, weeks, months we all had a very different sense of time. Too much they contained.

rapidly changing way of life, forced restrictions for work and communication, anxiety and fear and even bitterness of loss, separation from family members, relatives, thoughts about what will happen tomorrow, to protect, to shield from harm the beloved people how to provide for his family, children and support parents.

But in spite of that, it was a time of hope, gratitude, friends and even strangers who did not disappoint in time of need, of pride in those who have shown their best qualities.

Everyone had easy. But it is very important that we have in the country, the society was not a loss, but on the contrary, as has repeatedly happened in our history, many people United in a clear understanding of the situation, the awareness of the real threat that the fight with her and win only all together that human life is important. We acted on the basis of these values, therefore, were able to meet the challenge of enormous complexity.

Dear friends! I would like to once again sincerely thank all of you for your responsible attitude to their health and the safety of their families, for mutual support, for the dignity with which you, the citizens of Russia, passed through the most dangerous phase of the epidemic, through all of the inconvenience, complexity of the modes of forced restrictions and isolation. Emphasizing dobrovolaw, volunteers, and during this time became much more that cared about the elderly and those who really needs care and attention.

You may remember that just after the first reports about a new virus, it began to spread around the world like wildfire in the wind. The epidemic seemed sharply divided time into before and after.

from the very beginning on a daily basis analyzed the situation, together with experts, scientists have calculated different scenarios, realizing that the danger is there, because of large foci of infection were reported in the neighborhood, near the borders of Russia. And because the epidemic began on the outer contour. Our lines were immediately tightened sanitary protection. And they played a role, made it possible to deflect the first blow to prevent the epidemic, its peak at six to eight weeks. And so, back in February, early March, to win precious time, and therefore to do everything possible to save tens of thousands – tens of thousands of lives.

We have seen that the epidemic can resist, I realized that the main thing here is to be proactive, to study, to take into account the experience of other countries, to prepare and to use this time to consolidate and mobilize all their reserves, to increase the possibility of health and industry.

But it was clearly something else. The modern world is interrelated, and, therefore, to dissociate itself completely from the threat objectively is impossible. Sooner or later the disease will step into our house, inside our borders. It was clear.

And when that happened, we, based on the recommendations of experts, has done what has never been done before ever. We have taken an unprecedented step in the entire country has declared a period of days: first, for one week — until 5 April and then a total of more than a month — until may 11. And as shown by the further development of the situation, did it promptly and reasonably. We once again snatched epidemic of the time. And again achieved the main thing – to preserve human life.

it does not have to act according to patterns. We all know that Russia is a huge, the biggest in the world by country. In each region the situation was different, was different in infection rates and in scope. From the outset, therefore, we chose a flexible model. At the Federal level and are being taken measures of a national character. And the regions have received additional powers to coordinate the Government determine the tactics based on the situation on the ground. This approach has justified itself. By the way, was adopted in other countries. I want to thank the heads of regions and cities, heads of municipalities. All who are on duty was obliged in this period to be at work, at his post, I want to thank you for the understanding of their responsibilities and clear action.

Yes, in some regions, including in Tuva, Karachay-Cherkessia, Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi districts the situation remains complicated. But I want to emphasize, we have already worked out a mechanism for rapid response. Nobody will be left in the lurch. All Russia will come to help. If need be, all will gather in a fist: the resources of our leading medical centers, Armed Forces, emergency services and volunteers. So, as it was in Dagestan Republic, Zabaykalsky Krai and other regions.

We have proved that it is able to solve problems of exceptional difficulty. Our workers, engineers, managers, did everything to a few weeks to reconfigure the operation of enterprises. Significantly increase the production of means of individual protection. And very importantly, Russia is among few countries in the world managed to establish their own production of effective drugs for the treatment of coronavirus.

In extreme conditions reliably fulfilled system of energy, housing, transport, communications, trade, which provided citizens with essential commodities. In the short term University professors, teachers lieimmediately switched to remote format. School year either in schools or in universities or colleges is not interrupted.

I sincerely wish success to the graduates of the schools that soon will pass the unified state examination in all Russia, including in rural areas. Turning now to the rural youth, rural students – you have someone to look up to. Your parents did their best to carry out the sowing campaign to Russia was with the harvest. And he promises this year to be good.

You, dear friends, each in his place, on his land, in his field, indeed, made the seemingly impossible. Including in record time built new buildings, re-equip the hospital. Only military experts have built 16 multi-purpose centers for patients with coronavirus. And soon will start to work 5 more such centres. And if in the middle of March the whole country was about 40 thousand specialized beds to care for patients with coronavirus infection, then to early June they are already more than 180 thousand.

This reserve we remain on high alert. And as already said, we will continue to do so. Despite the fact that the daily number of new cases of infection is reduced. And in Moscow and the Moscow region, which first collided with the epidemic, it has decreased dramatically.

what is important and What I emphasize that this positive dynamics is observed on the background of continuous growth of testing. Russia today is the leader among major countries in the world by number of tests per thousand people. The total number of tests exceeded 17 million.

I Say this not in order for someone to compete, not at all. Talking about something else. Due to such large-scale testing, we can identify the disease at an early stage, even if it takes place covertly, without symptoms, and thus break the chain of transmission, prevent its further spread. Thus save the lives of our people.

In General, we made the epidemic to recede, the severity of the fracture. But the virus instill dangerous. Thousands of people every day are still faced with the disease. I ask you to stay alert, cautious, vigilant.

Especially as long as we don’t start mass production of effective means of prevention. Now from 14 Federal research centers of Russia are working on a vaccine against the coronavirus. Clinical tests of the first samples has already begun.

See, we all want to much-needed drug appeared as soon as possible. But here the principle can be only one – the famous medical principle of “do no harm”. Confidence in the effectiveness, reliability and safety of the vaccine, and for citizens of all ages and health needs to be absolutely one hundred percent.

I will Add that by itself, the vaccine, very important, but it is not a panacea. To counter the threat is possible only through the implementation of the whole complex of sanitary and preventive measures. And of course, a huge, defining role belongs to the health care system. In many countries, a critical overload of hospitals, hospitals became the main reason for the high mortality. The epidemic showed the Russian healthcare system can respond effectively to emergency situations in a short time to build up their capabilities.

Already said that in many respects is the embodiment of experience and the principles of organization of medical care, which were laid in Russia, whole generations of specialists in the days of Zemstvo medicine, in the Soviet period. It is also a result of the systemic work that we have done in recent years on equipping our hospitals and clinics with modern equipment and diagnostics, computed tomography, which is so necessary today.

And of course, the soul, the strength, the backbone of our health – people dedicated to their vocation. I would like to thank the doctors, paramedics, nurses, all specialists who took the brunt of the epidemic, fighting for every person and today, helping colleagues in other regions.

We all understand what a tremendous burden was placed on you, and from the earliest days of the epidemic, when the virus was virtually unexplored, unpredictable, when I had to learn to heal sick people, to learn new techniques, medicines and daily, hourly risk themselves to save the lives of others.

to Support you, to provide you with everything you need – a sacred duty of the state. We have done and will do everything possible for that. Do not remove these issues with control. In particular this applies to material support.

For health professionals that participated in the fight against the epidemic, as you know, were provided as incentives. This sent additional resources to the regions.

in addition, we established special direct Federal payments to those doctors, nurses, employees of the ambulance service, who directly assisted patients with coronavirus infection.

Colleagues in the Government, in the regions engaged in the debugging of this fundamentally new mechanism has eliminated the flaws – they were, of course, was doing it just manually. And now the system is built. So, this month, in June, only direct Federal payments will receive nearly 350 thousand health workers. Including more than 71 thousand doctors.

the epidemic continues, as well as intensive work in hospitals, clinics, and at emergency stations. So, as I said, the decision to extend these payments in July and August.

At the same time I want to emphasize, incentive payments and surcharges are not only exempted from taxes but will be taken into account when calculating holiday pay. This decision has been made. So, the specialists will receive increased holiday pay, and no matter in what period of time they go on vacation.

Additional benefits we provide for employees of social agencies, children’s boarding schools, nursing homes, teachers, psychologistam, medical staff. They are now working continuously, two-week shifts so as to minimize the risk of transmitting infection and thus to protect the people they have in their care.

the Payments for these experts are accrued over the period from 15 April to 15 July. I also propose to extend them for another two months, until 15 September and, of course, as for medical professionals to take them into account when calculating holiday pay.

Again, the whole Russian health system answered the call of the epidemic absolutely adequately. However, it is highlighted and more sharply outlined our challenges. We remember that, despite the selfless work of the doctors, there were also problems with the provision of routine medical care for patients with other diseases.

We must draw lessons from this situation. All those significant sums of money for the months of the epidemic invested in upgrading hospitals, in equipment, in training for doctors, already working and will work on the development of our health in General. But much remains to be done to improve the quality and accessibility of health care, training the personnel, to repair, to upgrade medical facilities, modern, including a digital database.

We’ll do it. First of all the modernisation programmes of primary health care. Consider received a difficult experience and, importantly, save all the resources laid on the implementation of these programs. And that is a significant amount more than 500 billion rubles.

I would like to comment on a topic that goes far beyond health and is sensitive for the whole society. This treatment, assistance for children with severe, including rare, so-called orphan diseases. Here, there are already relevant Federal and regional programs. However, parents sometimes do not still have other hopes, the help of charities. Or there is no other way how to raise money for treatment through the Internet. And, koneno, I want to thank everyone who responds, I sincerely want to thank everyone who tries to help.

But there must be a systemic government solution. It is necessary to determine a reliable, permanent source of funding. Assistance should reach every child, to every family who has faced such trouble.

What I want in this connection to say, or rather what you want to offer. Since 2001, we have a flat rate tax for individuals And its introduction to the time allowed to bring the wages and incomes out of the shadows, to simplify, to make clear the tax administration. The fact that citizens with different income levels pay tax equally, one at a rate of 13 per cent, on first glance, looks even unfair. However, if you consider that after the introduction of the flat rate personal income tax tax collection has increased, and increased considerably, and the state had the opportunity to direct these additional funds to address social challenges, it becomes clear that justice is absolutely innocent.

Now with the new quality of administration, the introduction here of digital technology have the opportunity to distribute the tax burden more differentiated and send additional financial contributions to the solution of specific, important for the society problems.

In this regard, I propose the following: from January 1 next year to change the tax rate on incomes of physical persons from 13 to 15 percent for those earning more than five million rubles a year.

just to clarify that the increased rate will not be taxed on all income but only the portion that exceeds 5 million a year. But it will give the budget about 60 billion rubles. These funds offer, as experts say, “dye”, to protect against any other use and appropriately used to guide treatment of children with severe, rare diseases, purchase of expensive medicines, equipment and means of rehabilitation, to conduct high-tech operations.

let me Stress that all existing programs for the treatment of rare diseases children must be definitely saved. The tools I mentioned, about $ 60 billion annually, will be used “plus”, in addition to the resources that are already allocated for high-tech medical care and pharmaceuticals.

And of course, necessary to exclude any bureaucracy. To establish an effective mechanism in direct dialogue with civil society. But I believe that the key principle is obvious. Decisions about the use of these funds, this money must be transparent and completely open, use absolute trust. The moral right to make these decisions are only doctors, public figures, people who have devoted their lives to help sick children, work in non-profit, charitable organizations, has proven his integrity are unquestioned credibility and reputation. We need to create such a mechanism.

Dear friends! The epidemic has dealt a severe blow to the global economy. Trade, business ties seemed to hit the wall of quarantines and restrictions. And, perhaps, the most acute problem in almost all countries is the reduction of employment, rising unemployment.

These negative effects, of course, affected us. So, according to estimates in April, when it was introduced restrictive measures declared non-working days, Russia’s GDP decreased by 12 percent.

In fact, the beginning of the global recession the global recession. All the implications, the depth of the crisis is yet to be assessed. But, clearly, in the world, a new reality. The processes of globalization and integration are challenging, and the leading countries make a choice in favor of technological and industrial independence. Realizing that in matters of security and development now, in this situation, it is possible to rely primarily on ourselves, on human, personnel, scientific potential of their country.

Russia is also a serious calls, and we must consider it in the formation and refinement of our strategic plans. This work is already underway. And the steps the new measures, which will speak today, not only to solve urgent problems. They reinforce, strengthen our long-term priorities. My colleagues see it that way. Including taking into account the conclusions we made in the course of the epidemic, its consequences.

Perhaps most importantly here is the proof of the key principle that a direct support of the people, investment in education, health and neodobrenie, demographics – it is precisely the key to the growth of the national economy, sustainable and dynamic development of the country as a whole, as well as freedom for people, removing barriers for entrepreneurs and investors, for everyone involved in the real work and creation. And, of course, important effective organizing role of the state, which is intended to identify priorities, create opportunities, conditions, concentrating development resources in a meaningful, direct dialogue with society.

In this logic we have built and will build our actions. From the beginning of the struggle with the effects of the basic task was to maintain the incomes of Russian families, to maintain employment, to help, first of all, people and only people, to solve their problems. Using it is going to support the economy as a whole.

recall that the main criterion of all our business support measures was the fact that the jobs are not closed to people who are employed in the affected industries, did not go without a paycheck. It is interest-free loans, the decision to write off taxes and insurance premiums for the second quarter, direct public subsidies for salaries. Moreover, the principle of strictly acted: more assistance from the state are those companies that think, care about their teams.

And of course, a special emphasis in the period of the epidemic were made on the direct support of people already said this, especially families with children. Let me remind you that in the first place payout of 5 Grand for each child under three years in April, may and June. Also ahead, a one-time, full amount was paid all benefits during the first half of the year for children from three to seven years in families with low incomes.

And finally, the largest measure of support was a lump sum payment in June of 10 thousand rubles for each child from three to 16 years.

These funds in difficult times became a tool for Russian families. However, the economy is in full force still does not work, and unemployment grew. Difficulties have not receded. In this regard, I consider it necessary in July to pay the additional 10 thousand rubles for each child from birth to 16 years. In total, this measure can take advantage of the Russian family, which grows about 28 million children.

Once you pay attention: to those who have already received the June payment, second, July, will be carried out automatically. Reapply for this aid, to gather some information is not necessary. The same automatic payment mechanism will be implemented for families in which children up to three years. And those who for some reason has not yet asked for support, you can do it simply and easily – remotely or through a branch of the Pension Fund and to receive payment without delay, and in July.

I Understand that during an outbreak especially hard had families where one or both parents lost their jobs. And we also address supported them, provided for a monthly payment of three thousand roubles on each minor child, increased unemployment benefits and expanded the coverage of such assistance. So, at the beginning of April support from employment services received 720 thousand people. Now – more than 2.5 million. That is, we were able to help almost everybody who has faced unemployment during this difficult period.

In this regard, I emphasize that all decisions to support the labor market Uwelichnomu the unemployment benefits, benefits to children in families where the parents temporarily remained without work, will continue to operate in July and August. The experience, mechanisms should be the basis for improvement of employment services, for the development of the system of social contracts, when the problems of a particular family dare address, given her living situation.

Note that the package of support of citizens, the economy, which we launched this spring, was unprecedented in its scale, the volume of funds allocated, scope of assistance. We were able to do thanks to the accumulated reserves and stable macroeconomic indicators, thanks to responsible budgetary and monetary policy, which we carried out in recent years.

we Have not experienced a sharp jump in prices. You also remember what happened in key raw materials, energy, the global financial markets. Unpredictable fluctuations, sometimes just panic. It is clear that all this could not affect our national currency. But first we made a sharp fall of the ruble, and then he actually returned to pre-crisis level. This was extremely important to protect the incomes and savings of citizens. And this predictability, the stability of the national currency, the stability of the ruble was ensured not artificially, not for any team, and due to the strength of the fundamentals of the Russian economy. Let me stress that not all countries have managed to achieve the same macroeconomic results. This also applies to the state of the labour market. We, unlike many, managed to avoid a dramatic jump in unemployment. As already said, the unemployment rate still increased.

So now we need to solve the main task – to help people get back to work. I instruct the Government and regional authorities in contact with the Bank of Russia to take all necessary measures to 2021, fully restore the labor market, this means that the number of unemployed in Russia should at least go back to pre-crisis level, and the beamshe, of course, to fall even further.

I Repeat: we have the resources, the capabilities to quickly restore the national economy to enter the path of growth. To do this, we keep long-term objectives of macroeconomic policy. Speaking professional terms, the fiscal rule and inflation targeting. And in fact, in a language everyone understands we are talking about responsible management of public finances and price stability. These are all important, fundamental conditions for the sustainability of the economy and growth of incomes of citizens, to further reduce interest rates.

In this regard, of course, I note the consistent policy of the Central Bank of Russia on the easing of monetary policy. A few days ago, as you know, the key rate was again reduced from one percentage point to 4.5 percent. Pay attention to the minimum value for all of our recent history.

the economy is a new opportunity for new investment and infrastructure projects. For entrepreneurs – loans to expand their business. For citizens more accessible loans to buy new housing.

As you know, this spring we launched a special program of preferential mortgages to families to purchase new housing using loan at a rate of 6.5 percent. More than 45 thousand families have already issued a mortgage.

Now we need to expand opportunities for choice of comfortable, modern housing. In this regard, I propose to extend preferential mortgage on a new home value not to three, like before, and up to six million rubles. And in the largest Metropolitan areas – Moscow and St. Petersburg – up to 12 million rubles. Here property prices are much higher than in Russia as a whole. I think that this will be a popular measure.

Separately such as employment support as soft loan at a rate of 2 percent for the affected industries. These funds will go to organizations, enterprises Tremya equal tranches in June, July and August. And then, as we said, while maintaining the staffing levels of the company debt will be fully deducted.

We see that this measure is demanded. Applications have been approved from 90 thousand companies 2 million 400 thousand employees. But the demand, as we have seen, was much higher than originally planned by the Government.

Therefore I propose to extend this measure to support this program. To allocate for its implementation is another 100 billion rubles. And thus additionally support the businesses, their employees at the stage of exit constraints and thereby accelerate economic recovery and employment.

Yes, some of the internally sanitary restrictions that were imposed in the spring while preserved. Dear friends, it is objectively necessary to protect your health.

But speaking now to the heads of regions: crucial intelligent, reasonable and calculated approach to opening up the economy. All decisions should be made in a timely manner, in accordance with the recommendations of experts. So you need to plan and organize to ensure the security of citizens and not to stifle business with excessive demands, not to undermine his work, and therefore people’s incomes.

Have to consistently shoot with entrepreneurs not only the load time, forced sanitary restrictions. Not less but much more important to save the economy from a bureaucratic, administrative restrictions and the so-called “slingshots”. A lot of them, unfortunately, is chronic, persists years or even decades.

So, for example, the construction of medical centers, hospitals during the epidemic we saw what can happen to build much faster and efficiently and securely, without the cumbersome, time-consuming, forces Yes, in the end, and money.

Already instructed the Government to review the regulation of the construction industry to make changes, based on experience POSglacial months. I know that in the first phase, the Government is ready to transfer almost a third of existing requirements for “construction” in the category of recommendations. This work should definitely continue. After such reserves, we are almost everywhere in all industries.

let me Stress that radical improvement of the business climate, the simplification of the procedures should become a major resource for recovery and quality of economic development. You need to provide more freedom, opportunities to entrepreneurs, including beginners.

So, in less than six months, the number of self-employed in Russia has increased 2.5 times, from three hundred to seven hundred thousand people. During the epidemic they were given special support measures. In fully refundable tax on professional income for last, 2019, and for its payment in the current year, you can use the so-called fiscal capital in the amount of one minimum wage – 12 130 thousand rubles.

Recall that the regime for self-employed was introduced we have a separate Federation subjects in the experiment. And this experiment, as we have seen, successful. Therefore, from 1 July on the territory of the whole country, all regions must be given the right to introduce a regime for self-employed – everywhere, all over the country. So, people will be able officially to work in peace.

Also consider – and this we have repeatedly spoken to young entrepreneurs – should be given the opportunity to self-employed status not 18, and 16 years. According to calculations, this law will benefit nearly three million of our citizens. In addition, these young entrepreneurs will also receive additional tax benefits, namely tax capital in the amount of one minimum wage, in order not to divert resources from the development of the business to pay the tax.

the young people – energetic, educated, professional, often, yesterday’s schoolchildren and students are the backbone of high-tech teams and companies, including in the field of information technology.

What I would like to say here really. In recent months, given the difficulties faced by the economy because of the epidemic, we made a special, additional solutions to support key industries such as construction, about which I just spoke, automotive, transportation, light industry, agriculture. In total there occupied by a few millions of our citizens. Together with families we are talking about the well-being of tens of millions of people. And we tried to do everything to preserve income.

on 10 June met with representatives of IT and telecommunications. During the epidemic efficient, rapid transfer of a significant part of business life, the critical state of educational services online has shown how powerful technological and human resources capabilities of the Russian IT-sector. He is one of the most dynamic, rapidly growing. I should add that only in the last 5 years the export of our domestic software has doubled. Of course, we still have work to do. But still, it’s a good indicator.

Here, in this industry there are many basic, so-called end-to-end solutions and technologies, important for the whole economy and the social sphere. In General for all spheres of life in Russia.

of Course, for support, for the development of this backbone industry of the need not just effective, but non-trivial approaches and solutions. During the course of this meeting, instructed the colleagues from the Government together with the expert and the professional community to discuss these steps. Considering that the field of information technology traditionally has a high mobility.

Entrepreneurs, employees prefer to live and conduct business where it is most convenient and comfortable. Therefore, the tax, financial and legal conditions to work in our country needs to be globally competitive. And this requirement is, in fact, not only IT sector but all, without exception, sectors of the Russian economy.

Plans to support the industry, I just said, prepared decisions. As a first step, I propose to conduct in the IT-industry of so-called tax maneuver and above all significantly reduce the load on the wage Fund. And this, I note, the bulk of costs for high-tech companies.

let me Remind you, we have already doubled, to 15 percent lowered the rate of insurance contributions for all companies small and medium-sized businesses. I believe that in the IT field, we can and must go further. Now the rate of insurance contributions for such companies of 14 percent for the period up to 2023. I propose to reduce it to 7.6 percent. And not just temporarily, but indefinitely.

in addition, it would be right drastically to reduce the rate of income tax for ay-Ti-companies, of course, in perpetuity, from the current 20 percent to 3 percent. That is not only comparable, but even better than these attractive today for IT business jurisdictions, as the Indian and Irish. In fact, it is one of the lowest tax rates in the world.

Taxes are certainly important, but not all. I ask the Government to continue to review all other working conditions of the IT industry and related sectors. We must also be competitive.

Next. Already told you how important it is to increase trust between government and business. On this solid Foundation we are building support mechanisms in the current difficult situation, help people who believe that Russia is profitable, safe, reliable to operate and it can be done legally, openly, honestly.

we Have a lot of entrepreneurs who develop their business not only domestically, but also abroad. And they should have the ability to conveniently and civilized to pay taxes at home, in Russia.

Now the Russian tax residents – the owners of foreign assets pay tax on the income received from the activities of the so-called controlled foreign companies is quite complex, bulky and can say, confusing scheme. OfferAgay her to radically simplify, to grant the right to pay a fixed tax amount is 5 million rubles a year – with no additional reporting. Thus we will give impetus to the development of a modern, responsible business, and it is in the Russian jurisdiction.

Also pay attention of the Government: the need to maintain investment activity, creation of new jobs. Here much depends on the efforts of the Federation.

however, the epidemic has put the region’s finances in a difficult position, we understand that. It’s not only about increased expenditure on the health system, direct assistance to people, businesses, but also on the drop-down revenues, which is a shortfall of budgets of subjects of Federation, including in connection with the Federal decisions on tax exemptions and deferrals.

In this regard I instruct the Government to provide additional financial assistance to the regions, to allocate 100 billion rubles “plus” to the two hundred billion, which we already announced earlier, to compensate for the regions ‘ costs associated with the implementation of national measures to combat the epidemic and its consequences.

At the same time please take a look at the principles of distribution of that support, not limit, but on the contrary to encourage the regions that actively invest their resources in development projects.

in addition, this year we will add another 100 billion roubles to upgrade regional road network. We will direct these funds to those entities that work fast: building, repair the road efficiently and ahead of schedule.

To increase investments in transport and network infrastructure, advanced program of gasification of regions and the renewal of public transport in addition to government funding, additional resources are required. By the way, such mechanisms already start to work. 7 may at a meeting of the transportation industry, we have decided to support the plans of the Russian Railways for infrastructure development. Yesterday this decision accepted. The company placed its perpetual bonds to raise funds to modernise the Railways. In the light of that experience, I instruct the Government in the near future to prepare proposals for wide use of long-term financing of infrastructure development. This and other important issues we will discuss in July at a meeting of the strategic development Board.

let me Emphasize: our benchmarks remain the same. But we have to specify the parameters, the timing and priorities of the national projects, to immerse, to integrate them in measures of the national plan of action for the recovery of the economy and, of course, to lay under them with the necessary financial means.

including now, under the new budget cycle, I ask the Government to provide for the increase in the proportion of effective expenditure on health and education, and of deputies in the course of work on the future of the Federal budget to show solidarity with this approach.

And in that regard I think it is important to emphasize. July 1 will be voting on the amendments to the Constitution of Russia. They will take effect, of course, I have said many times, but only if citizens will support them. It is the will of the people is fundamentally important in order to ensure reliable conditions for a confident, dynamic, long-term development of the country in the years and decades ahead. And of course, the new constitutional provisions, if adopted, will set much higher demands on the efficiency, content of all our social, economic, policy, to the task of improving the quality of life and well-being of people. Please take this into account in their work and colleagues in the Government and heads of authorities at all levels.

Dear citizens of Russia! The past months, and for our country, and for all States was a time of massive challenges and difficult trials. Again, we all were suffering.

But from the beginning of the epidemic, we made the choice, decided that the first plan should be his life, health, well-being, what matters is to save people, and everything else will follow.

In the difficult conditions of the epidemic was manifested the best qualities of our people. During this time we rethought a lot of things, learnt to be more careful attitude to each other and once again realized how important the need for solidarity and trust, which help to adequately pass any test.

the Epidemic is not yet over. We still have to put the squeeze to curb this infection. But life takes its course, is the way to a normal rhythm. Yes, we all now have accumulated a lot of problems, worries, to be soon at home and at work.

Understand that this is also a difficult period. But the opportunity to return to their plans, to implementing them, the confidence that life is getting better, give a very different – positive, active, optimistic attitude.

I am Confident that together we will solve all the problems, everything will catch up, overcome and time and any other difficulties. We have already proved that they know how to do it.

Thank you.