The aquarium in the cold: the inhabitants of the city are outraged by the

In social networks, a scandal erupted from outside of the aquarium, which is appeared near a shopping center in Dolgoprudny. It works on the principle of the machine: anyone can make money, and the fish will get another batch of food. Animal rights activists have called this pastime “the torture chamber”. According to them, the fish are on the verge of death from overeating and hypothermia.

a Hard life Cayman turtle inhabitants of DOLGOPRUDNOGO was disturbed during the Christmas holidays. An animal swimming in the aquarium, which stands on the street and showed no signs of life. Some visitors claimed that the turtle died from the cold. Others felt that it just went into hibernation.

“all the photographs and all the video shows that it hangs on the surface. And in the nature of a snapping turtle sits or goes on the bottom. That is, it suggests that she was already sick with pneumonia, for example,” says animal rights activist Yulia Nazarova.

and indeed the appearance of the aquarium on the street in freezing temperatures the majority of residents were not considered humane. They say that business for a living is all. Animal rights activists even going to write a statement to the police about animal cruelty.

– a Pity and fishes and animals. Very strange that winter is on the street. I wonder what they eat, and in what quantity.

Is some violence over the fish!

In the aquarium are mostly tropical fish, which are accustomed to warm water. To feed the inhabitants can be anyone for $ 100. Lower the bill, push the button and the food starts to roll.

Director’s office, which established aquarium, the first thing makes the journalists a turtle. Says the one. Matilda 8 years. She’s a predator, it feeds mainly on fish. Not to hunt down his neighbors in the aquarium, she was transferred to a separate menu — shrimp. And once the animal is overfed.

“We decided that we were going to Supplement once a week shrimp, and one was just a bad overfeeding. The turtle just happened to be nisparenie, you had to wait a while. That is, it is just a basic constipation, if in Russian,” — says Stanislav Ryakhovsky, General Director of the company for the installation of aquariums.

So the street is exactly the same aquarium as the one at the shopping center in Dolgoprudny. Inside sensors that monitor temperature and pressure. Hourly is enough, but in the event of a malfunction, the computer sends SMS to the owner’s phone. The developers claim that even if it’s minus 30 degrees, water is always a plus 29 degrees.

“One system — a boiler that heats the water flowing through the pump. The second system is a Mat of our production, which heats the lower surface of the glass,” explains Stanislav Ryakhovsky, General Director of the company for the installation of aquariums.

Stanislav believes that in this case of animal cruelty speech can not be, and your business is not going to collapse. But in the aquarium, the Institute now has a thermometer, so that visitors could also control the water temperature.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”