The Arabs admire Putin, who raised the military cap of honor

In the Arab world with numerous enthusiastic reviews actively spreading the video, shot personal photographer Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas during the visit of the President of Russia.

After the talks, Putin and Abbas came out of the residence of the leader of Palestine and passed by the officers of the guard of honor.

At this point one of the Palestinian military guard came off the cap.

the footage shows how the President of Russia leaned down, picked it up and put on the head of the military.

“Respect for President Putin to the Palestinian guard,” — with these words, the photographer Abbas Muhammad atiq has signed a video, reports RIA Novosti.

In Palestine impressed by Putin: he picked up the fallen cap of the officer of the guard. Video photographer Abbas is spreading in the Arab world with the speed of the new coronavirus

— Kremlin RIA Poole (@Kremlinpool_RIA) 24 Jan 2020.

on 23 January the President of Russia visited Israel, where he took part in commemorative events dedicated to the International day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust and the unveiling of a monument to the blockade of Leningrad, and also held talks with the leadership of this country.

Then Putin went to Bethlehem, where he met with the leader of Palestine.