The army promptly assists in the suppression of coronavirus in the country

Dozens of military trucks loaded with medical equipment and specialists came to the fore today from Buryatia in the Baikal region. On behalf of Vladimir Putin, the military has been deployed in the district of Chita the field hospital, equipped with everything necessary for the treatment of coronavirus. Difficult situation with COVID-19 in the province has become one of the main topics at the meeting of the Russian security Council. Of all the options, the President chose one that will allow you to help people the fastest.

In recent days, Vladimir Putin has to react quickly to crisis situations that arise in the regions. Today is Transbaikalia, where in absolute terms the increase of cases of coronavirus although low, but the coefficient of its distribution — now this is the main indicator used to even talk about the first stage of the removal of restrictions. The source of infection in the region — the village Ugdan near Chita, now closed on quarantine.

“Some people did not comply with the withdrawal, and today we got what we got,” stated Valentina Gasieva, Deputy head of administration of rural settlement “Gdanskie”.

Epidemiologists are now studying the situation in the village from the point of view of how the virus is spreading rapidly. It is known that the infection was brought here by the student, all his contacts and what he personally has infected 14 people. In connection with the aggravated situation opened was stores, shops now closed again.

the Edge need help, and the President requires the permanent members of the security Council immediately to provide it.

“there is a complex Dynamics and with this in mind, you need as quickly as possible to help the region. We have used the capabilities of the Armed forces, the Ministry of defence to combat coronavirus infection abroad and in our country. Recently all witnessed how the Ministry of defence in a short time and with good quality managed to construct 16 hospitals in different regions of the Russian Federation, how quickly they unfolded in Dagestan, nkotoryh other regions operate efficiently. I therefore ask Minister of defense to immediately proceed to the deployment of the relevant structures of the hospital in this case, in Transbaikalia. The hospital, equipped with all necessary equipment and professionals to assist patients with the coronavirus,” said Vladimir Putin.

the Military responded immediately. Here from Buryatia the transfer begins in Transbaikalia multipurpose hospital for 100 places.

“the Hospital has the latest medical equipment, the staff trained,” — said Ruslan abdulkhajiev, Deputy commander of the combined arms army of the Eastern military district.

This field hospital now will take the burden with which existing clinics of the region do not.

Meanwhile, erected across the country in record time 16 diversified medical centers for years. No one knows what challenges await us in the future.

Hospitals are dealt with immediately all necessary equipment: x-rays, medical ventilators, ultrasound scanners; designed and built with the requirements of of infectious diseases. In each chamber entrance from the street, serve food through a window with double doors.

Here Voronezh hospital compound configuration, at the final stage of construction. Working in three shifts, roofers, installers, and finishers.

“Fully confident that in due time, before the 30th day, the hospital will be put into operation”, — said Timur Ivanov, Deputy Minister of defense.

In the whole country, the situation stabiliziruemost. However, each region needs to continue to closely monitor the situation. This is the task the President puts before the security Council, which on 3 June was 28 years old.

“is Created in a difficult time for the country, he became one of the most important bodies that support the activities of the President on the formation of domestic, foreign and military policy in the field of securityness. And over the years has played a really significant role in the adoption of many serious and often strategic decisions. I want to thank you and all the servicemen and veterans of the security Council for the diligent work, expertise and thorough approach to the implementation of tasks”, — said Putin.

In conclusion, he recalled the key role of the security Council in the spheres of strengthening of Russia’s sovereignty, national defense and the growing influence of our country in the international arena.