The arrest warrant and the duplicate of the passport: the details of the situation with Gon

Lebanon has received from the Interpol warrant for the arrest of the former head of the Board of Directors of the carmaker Renault — Nissan — Mitsubishi Carlos Ghosn. Meanwhile, on the website of Interpol named Gong, writes RIA Novosti.

Ghosn and his closest aide Gregory Kelly was arrested on 19 November 2018. Gon suspected that he had not declared all of their income, and Kelly — that he helped. The amount is hidden from the Declaration of income from 2010 through 2017 is estimated at 8 billion yen (about 71 million).

in addition, Ghosn blamed the fact that he is for the account of the company covered their own losses in the amount of 1.85 billion yen (at the exchange rate at the time about 21 million dollars).

Kelly was released on bail on 25 December 2018. The rut was released on his own recognizance in the spring of 2019, after his lawyers made his Deposit in the amount of 1.5 billion yen ($15 million). Before the trial, he had no right to leave Japan. However, on 31 December last year it became known that he had arrived in Lebanon.

it is unclear how Gon managed to get around all the restrictions, but it is known that he flew from Japan on a private jet. Currently, the Japanese police is looking for those who helped the Gon, his house searched.

meanwhile, according to Japanese media reports, a request to Interpol to issue international arrest warrants for Carlos Ghosn has been the Japanese government.

for its part, the Ministry for European Affairs and foreign Affairs refused to comment on the information that the gon had duplicate French passports. The official representative of the French Ministry of foreign Affairs encouraged the journalists to refer on this issue to the Japanese authorities, writes TASS.

According to some, the replacement passport was in the apartment Ghosn in a special case, closed on the lock, which code is known only to his lawyers. Ghosn also officially received the right to carry this closed in box passport in the case of checks of identity cards. All three originalbut seized at Gon passports: French, Lebanese and Brazilian also kept his counsel.