The assassination of General Suleimani: US fear the symmetric response

Iran says goodbye to General Qasem Soleimani — the commemorative event held on 6 January in Tehran. The authorities claim about the official release of the nuclear agreement. In parallel, the United States threatened new air strikes, the Iranians, and, in addition, threaten sanctions on Iraq.

the farewell Ceremony with the dead General was headed by Iran’s Supreme leader. In the streets of Tehran with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, escorted the coffin of Qassem Soleimani, wrapped in the national flag. On 7 January, the machines will be delivered in the Holy city of Qom in a ceremony before the funeral in the city of Kerman, near which he was born. In the will of the General was asked to put it in a simple grave, and there to write “Soldier Qasem Soleimani”, without specifying the titles.

the Iranians drawn to the daughter of the deceased. “Families of American soldiers in the middle East will live in anticipation of the death of their children. USA should realize that killing Sulejmani will lead to the revival of the region. Enemies still scared of him,” says Zeinab Soleimani.

the Conflict broke out when the United States attacked the Shiites in Iraq and Syria. Disgruntled Shiites stormed the American Embassy in Baghdad. The Pentagon and said the murder of the commander of the special forces of Islamic revolutionary guard Corps Soleimani. In Washington he was accused of some destabilizing actions in the region. The Iranian foreign Ministry said that this act of international terrorism, and expressed to Washington a strong protest. The CIA feared that this may be followed by a symmetrical response.

“the Murder of high-ranking officials — a “dangerous precedent” that did not dare predecessors the current US President Donald trump George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Revenge of Tehran can catch and American officials. And murder can happen anywhere in the world, including the United States,” warns former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell.

Donald trump pre-warningDIL that he is ready to inflict a disproportionate attack on Iran in response to any attack on American citizens or objects. And even to notify of the decision of the Congress does not consider it necessary. Similarly, the US President did last week when he ordered the Pentagon missile strike in the area of the Baghdad airport. While it is unlikely that Iran is ready to accept and give in.

Earlier, the Iranian authorities announced a new stage of reduction commitments on the so-called Joint comprehensive plan of action, which unilaterally left the States. In Tehran announced that they refuse to limit the number of centrifuges.

“If the country has the technology to enrich uranium, and this is achieved by a number of centrifuges, it is clear that the level of enrichment depends on the number of centrifuges. The number of centrifuges was restricted very tightly by the nuclear agreement. Now Iran removes itself from this restriction. This means that Iran’s nuclear program will develop according to his own discretion”, — said the Russian scientist, Director of the Center for the study of modern Iran Rajab Safarov.

for its part, Russia’s permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov said that the Iranian nuclear program still remain under strict international control.

In Beijing recalled that the current situation has led first and foremost reckless US policy.

“the Unilateral US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement is a disregard for international law and international obligations. Iran exerted excessive pressure, the other parties bothered to execute the agreement, this became the main causes of tensions around the Iranian nuclear issue”, — said the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs NR Geng Shuang.

At the same time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President of France Emmanuel macron and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson called on Tehran to abandon all measures which, according to meNIJ, contrary to the nuclear deal.

Well, the United States are the new threats, now Iraq. The Iraqi Parliament yesterday demanded that the Americans withdraw their troops. The President of the United States in response to the demanded money for the air base that the Iraqis have built States. The exact amount was not named, said that we are talking about billions. And stated that in any hostility against the citizens of the United States Washington will meet the most hard. Military experts believe that to get rid of foreign military presence in Baghdad will not be easy.

“the Most realistic scenario is that the American military presence in Iraq will be significantly reduced, it might be somewhat limited, for example, in the field of air space control. However, to talk about the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq would be premature,” — says military expert Vladimir Yevseyev.

According to the analysts, dealing a blow to Baghdad, the United States violated a strategic agreement with Iraq. And not only. According to CNN, Soleimani entered Iraqi territory with a diplomatic passport. He was untouchable and his murder was also a flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention on dipotnosheny from 1961. So Baghdad, at least, may now seek assistance from all international institutions, starting with UN.