The attack in the suburbs of Paris recognized as a terrorist attack

on Saturday, January 4, the French anti-terrorist Prosecutor’s office announced that it had engaged in the assault case of a man with a knife at passers-by in the Park of the Paris suburb of Villejuif.

Earlier it was reported that after the incident, has information that the perpetrators of the attack a young man suffered from mental illness, and the incident is not considered as a terrorist act. Later investigation led to different conclusions, reports “Interfax”.

the Incident in the Park of the Paris suburb of Villejuif occurred on Friday, January 3. Armed with a knife 22-year-old man attacked passers-by, was stabbed 56-year-old that hid from attacking his wife died. Also injured two women. Tried to stab several people, a young man ran toward a nearby shopping center, in the Parking lot which he was shot dead by police. It is known that shortly before the incident, the young man converted to Islam, striking with a knife, he shouted “Allahu Akbar”.

the assailant’s Mother confirmed that her son suffered a serious mental disorder, from the age of five he was observed by experts, has repeatedly hospitalized, until the summer of last year, was undergoing treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

during the investigation of the incident, the Prosecutor’s office has established a certain radicalization of the accused and organized preparations for its actions. In found at the crime scene, the bag of the assailant was discovered extremist Islamic texts and a kind of Testament, with which terrorists are preparing for their acts. We also learned that the assailant did not touch the first passer-by, as he said he is a Muslim and could read prayers of Islam.